DevOps Speakeasy with Richard Fichtner @RichardFichtner at #Devnexus 2023

April 6, 2023

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In this episode of DevOps Speakeasy we talked with Richard Fichtner is Principal Software Architect at XDEV Software GmbH, he is involved in the open-source community to spread knowledge about Java technologies. Richard is a leader of the Java User Group Oberpfalz and organiser of JCON Europe You can attend JCON Europe 2023 with the Discount Code: SPEAKEASY

Video Transcript

rolling awesome hey everyone this is

Lori with jfrog and I’m here with

Richard from xdev hello how you doing

I’m good so why don’t you tell us a

little bit about xdev and what you do

hey my name is Richard and I work with a

company called access a small company in

Germany we do developer tools and also

leads the joke overfalls so the Java

User Group in overfalls Germany Bavaria

and um yeah I’m glad to be here with you

okay so we met you yesterday at The Jug

leader Summit here at dub Nexus why

don’t you tell us a little bit about the

summit and what you hope to get out of

it of it yeah sure so the summit

yesterday was great it was a summit for

all the jug leaders all around the world

so this is a great thing thank you to

pratika and Winston for setting this up

here at devnexus so this is a great

opportunity to meet other drug leaders

and talk about Java Community work and

how how it’s different and the same at

the same time and like all around the

world so this was a great opportunity

thank you thank you for that and why

don’t you tell us a little bit about


yeah I’ve got a conference running I’m a

co-organizer of j-con Europe so we’re

trying to do an equally nice conference

as they have Nexus in Europe it’s a

Community Conference called j-con Europe

and uh our special thing is we give away

free tickets to the Java community so if

you are in a jug check out our website

and try to come to cologne and get a

free ticket for jaycon Europe so so why

is it important for people to meet in

person when the world went virtual

I know that Julie the virtual job so

it’s it’s hard to talk to you about that


um yeah absolutely like this


um you just stumbling to people


you talk about things you never thought

about talking to to and in the virtual

space is always hard because there are

always like multiple people listening

and you don’t have like the confidence

and maybe you have a like a project or a

problem that bothers you and you don’t

feel confident like talking about that

specific problem online because you

never know if there’s a recording or

something like that so

I’m from Europe so data data security

data protection is very important to us

and we’re a little bit anxious about all

that so it’s great to have like a

conversation with a human about like the

problems we have and I always think of

this like an AAA meeting you know so you

can you can get it off your chest and

most of the time you get responses like

oh we have the same problem or I feel

the same and it’s always good to like

feel that empathy and and see that

people struggle with like the same

things you do and this gives you a lot

of confidence going forward and facing

the problems you have like in your

day-to-day job yeah I think what you

mentioned a lot too is what I find

valuable is the hallway track so

absolutely I want to know about the

sessions that you’re really excited

about but

um I think the value of being at

conferences like this and The Jug Summit

yesterday was that it was just like a

big hallway track where you get to have

those sort of interpersonal experiences

share those things and I like how you

said that it’s not recorded so that you

have the ability to speak freely and you

know maybe an otherwise you would be

embarrassed to admit to certain things

or to share certain things so I think

that’s super cool but now tell me about

the tracks and why we should go


um about jaycon Europe right yeah jaycon

Europe so um the content will be very

similar to Dev Nexus so if you’re a Dev

Nexus you already did a lot of things


um so we have uh content on like basic

Java topics which are uh beginner things

so this is also something that we all

learned in the discussion and we had

something at Java one that was also kind

of like a like a Java leader Summit

where we also talked a lot about how

Java needs to be transported to like

younger generations of developers and

how we can how we can make it more

accessible and that’s something that we

really took too hard for Jake on Europe

so we explicitly sat in the cfp that

people should submit for

um like beginner topics so we can bring

on the Next Generation because not

everybody that attends a conference is

like a senior DAV that has seen

everything and just wants to know about

the newest Chinese like best new thing

that is coming up right but also like

beginner topics where we start with Java

Basics like streams we do serialization

we do Maven stuff a lot so like what

does your build chain look like like

basic things that you can get started

and then of course we have The Cutting

Edge stuff we got a lot of uh talks

about like chat GPT and AI stuff coming

up so fancy things and I don’t know how

current uh like the abstracts are

because this field is so so fast moving

and I um actually right now I’m missing

a talk from Marcus Helder he’s here he

will be at Jacob Europe too and he just

included in his talk like last minute a

jet GPT chat feature because he thought

okay this is now this is now possible so

you just did it this is also great to

learn how how fast people innovate with

their talks yeah I think um that’s the

scary thing right

right and get to a conference like you

really need to re-look at all of your

slides and update them to make sure that

you are like present and like doing the

most important stuff okay so if you’re

in Europe uh J Con Europe which the

dates oh it’s in the from 20th of June

to the 23rd of June so it’s in in the

summer it’s very cool and we Host this

in a really nice multiplex cinema and

where we have really large screens and

we have a very nice area around the

cinema where you can go out and have a

lunch in in the open

um so this is really great website uh

jcom dot one and from there you can you

can find your way also so again check

out Richard check out jaycon thank you

for being here with us at the Speakeasy

thank you to Dev Nexus and yeah we’re

out thank you Lori