How do we change docker access method to “Repository Path” and what are the advantages?

Ohad Levy
2018-09-06 15:40

*Note the below is only available for Artifactory on prem installations

From version 5.8. Artifactory introduces a new method referred to as "Repository Path".


Choosing to work with Repository path for docker repositories gives you the ability to setup docker repositories
Without the need for a reverse proxy.  Note that you may still have a reverse proxy configured for Artifactory for other reasons, however when configured to use Repository Path method, requests to Docker registries in Artifactory will be handled by Artifactory's embedded Tomcat instead of the reverse proxy.


In order to set “Repository Path” for docker repository please see the below:
1.) Go to Admin → Configuration → HTTP Settings


2.) Under “Docker Settings” go to “Docker Access Method” and choose “Repository Path” press save to apply.

    In the Reverse Proxy Settings panel select Embedded Tomcat as the Server Provider (which indicates you're not using a reverse proxy).


More information on docker repository path method can be found on our wiki in this link.