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Once you have completed Installing Distribution, continue to the following required configurations:Installing Distribution

  • Setting up GPG Signing: JFrog Distribution secures release bundle delivery using a preconfigured GPG Key. A release bundle, distributed to an Artifactory Edge Node, is signed with this GPG key.

    Providing an additional layer of protection on the contents in your release bundles. As part of the release bundle signing process, Distribution triggers Artifactory to clone the contents of a release bundle into an isolated release-bundles repository.

  • Use one of the following methods to connect Artifactory and the Edge nodes:

    • Using Scoped Tokens (Pairing Tokens): Connect the source Artifactory and the edge nodes using the JFrog Platform scoped tokens function. This function is available from Artifactory version 7.29.7 with the release of the Distribution Edges Add-on and is the default option used for connecting the source and node (if you are unable to upgrade your self-hosted instance, or need to continue using the Circle of Trust, see next method).

    • Circle of TrustIntroduction to Access Tokens: Establish a circle of trust between your source Artifactory and Artifactory Edge nodes. This should be applied to both the source and target Artifactory nodes

In addition, the following optional configurations are available:

  • Enabling the ReplicatorReplicator: The Replicator can help optimize distribution with JFrog Distribution when enabled on both the source and target Artifactory nodes.

  • Connecting Mission Control: If your Mission Control instance is part of another JPD, you'll need to register it in Distribution.

  • Disaster Recovery: You can set up disaster recovery for JFrog Distribution to prevent the loss of critical data in the event that your Distribution service experiences an event that causes irreversible damage and loss of data, or if it needs to be taken down gracefully for any other reason (e.g. hardware maintenance on the server machine).

  • Distribution System YAML:Distribution System YAMLYou can configure an existing JFrog Distribution instance system settings using a simple YAML configuration file.

  • Distribution Application Config YAML File: Distribution Application Config YAML FileAn alternative way to specify application-related settings for JFrog Distribution.

Once you have finished the configuration of distribution assets, you can start Distributing Release Bundles.

Adding Edge Nodes to a JPD

JFrog Distribution enables creating Release Bundle Versions from a set of artifacts, which are distributed to Artifactory Edge Nodes located in remote locations. Release Bundles group together the contents that are part of your release, providing the bill of materials for your software releases.

For details on how to install and configure edge modes, add them to the JPD, and to establish circle of trust with Artifactory and Distribution, see JFrog Artifactory Edge.JFrog Artifactory Edge

Distribution in Projects

Because Distribution is not currently included in JFrog Projects, Distribution will, therefore, work with all projects, so that all workflows assume that they are seeing all projects.