How do I plan my Artifactory S3 backup strategies?

JFrog Support
2018-06-11 09:32

If you are using Artifactory with S3 for binaries’ storage, you may utilize Amazon’s optional S3 versioning service in order to backup and restore your binaries safely on S3. This is doable by using binary log (binlog) to keep record of previously deployed binaries and their path and correlating them to the checksum based filestore residing on your S3 bucket.

Another approach would be taking time-based snapshots/db-dumps of your database (our suggestion is to invoke a backup run several times a day and keeping those on a weekly rotation). In case a need rises, you will be able to check previously made backups of your database and again, associate any binaries by path and checksum stored on the database.

In case a Amazon region/site is unavailable, you can switch over Artifactory's S3/Object Store's endpoint to a pre-replicated (externally to Artifactory and manually by your teams) bucket residing on another region, and the same thing applies for the database as well – this way you can remove dependency for a single AWS region.

** You will need to sync over any files' deltas between the buckets to restore consistency.