Go: Leaping from Java to Go and Dependency Injection [Hebrew] @JFrog Virtual Meetup (Israel)

October 28, 2020

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TALK 1: [Leaping from Java to Go], Roy Dar, R&D Team Leader @ JFrog
In this talk, we’ll go through the differences between Java and Go. Particularly which to select when starting a new project. As well as, the challenges and pitfalls when switching between the two.  As a longtime Java developer, Roy Dar will address these common challenges and offer his perspective from previous experiences after switching over from two decades of Java development to Go.

TALK 2: [Go Dependency Injection], Noam Shemesh, CTO Office Architect @ JFrog
Dependency Injection is one of the most important design concepts. It’s crucial for unit testing, it helps with the separation of concerns, and implementation replacements and arguably the best outcome is reducing boilerplate code. But not in Go! Coming from Java development, this is one of the missing features. In this talk, we’ll discuss the design options and the pros and cons of each option.

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Noam Shemesh

    Noam Shemesh

    CTO Office Architect @ JFrog

    Noam has over 15 years in tech, working in software architecture, development and leadership. Noam loves experiencing technologies from frontend to operating systems and optimizing everything from distributed multi-nodes to a single query.
    Roy Dar

      Roy Dar

      R&D Team Leader @ JFrog

      Roy has over 15 years of experience in management, architecture, and hands-on development of enterprise-grade products. Hands-on experience in development technologies such as Java, C#, Python and many more. He is a cybersecurity expert with experience in integrating Secure-SDLC processes and performing ISO-27001 certifications.