grpc ? http ? NATS !! & From zero to graphql hero with ent [Hebrew] @ Go Israel Meetup at JFrog TLV

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May 1, 2022

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19:00 Mingling And refreshments

19:20 grpc ? http ? NATS !! – Guy Brandwine
Does creating services that communicate harmoniously and swiftly challenge you?
NATS (Connective Technology for Adaptive Edge & Distributed Systems)
is a super performant (>11m message per sec!), secure, and resilient communication layer used globally by thousands of companies for microservices, edge computing, mobile, IoT and many more.
We will code and test a NATS practical example and compare it to http/grpc based solutions in terms of:
– development effort
– performance
– deployment effort
– observability
– bidirectional (e.g. chats, etc) and pub-sub patterns effort
– message deliverability

20:10 From zero to graphql hero with ent – Yoni Davidson (@

Optional: General go Q&A