Rachid Zarouali with DevOpsSpeakeasy at DevoxxMA 2022

October 4, 2022

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In this interview, we speak with Rachid Zarouali @xinity Docker Captain and Community Leader, Rachid Zarouali is a former virtualization consultant and Instructor, about powerful and yet easy to use tooling and mechanism to protect your Kubernetes services with production workloads.


Ixchel Ruiz

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Video Transcript


box Morocco and I’m here super happy to

be with Rasheed Rashid why don’t you

introduce yourself because I will

pronounce terrible your last name no

reason so my name is Rashid zawali I’m A

Cloud architect building my own company

like three years ago


I just I how did I say uh so I was an

employee and I just said okay how about

I go on my own adventure and see how it

goes and uh just well one day I woke up

and I said okay let’s go and that’s how

we went I mean kind of and it’s been

like four years now at least kind of and

I’m super happy because well I have the

luxury to what is the name of your

company where people can find more

information about your company yeah

either on LinkedIn by using my my names

uh I have a website sevensphere.io which

is the name of my company

and uh on Twitter GitHub okay

anywhere in the world the typical way of

of contacting you perfect


I of devops Morocco it’s a deep dive on

kubernetes yes a decision was about

hiking kubernetes

um the idea was to explain to the


how we can leverage our security issues

on application and communities to get

ownership of the cluster and then being

able to do whatever we want and at the

same time also explaining how we can fix

those vulnerabilities and then avoid

them so that we won’t face the same

problems again and again and again

I actually very very happy to see a lot

of security uh concerns being addressed

in this conference so what do you think

we should have in mind like what are the

most important ideas that you want the

audience to live with

um I would say the first step says go to

the basics okay so like don’t try to

deploy stuff you don’t know about you

haven’t used or you don’t

um how did I have enough skills on to


start by the basics build something that

works that follows best practices and

then afterwards grow a little bit deeper

try to break it also as well oh and see

if you are able to break it and find out

why you are able to break and then fix

what I suggest to

um to the different

um what did I say identities that I saw

in different conferences is

build break fix

I I think that is one of the best

advices I have heard today

because we rarely think about that like

um we always started thinking about the

happy part we may be prepared for errors

but the actual fact that you mentioned

that you try to break it is actually a

super good advice it’s also a way to

improve ourselves I mean we’re human we

make mistakes that’s a fact of course

and that’s why that’s what we are so


Human by Design make mistake that’s what

I tend to say every time so make


break fix learn improve

I love it what else should we know or

what is advice to people new to

kubernetes what what would you like them

to know if they are thinking about going

in this direction right now that’s a

tough question

um I know that’s really a tough question


I I really tend to follow the same

workflow again and again but


trust a little I would say kubernetes is

probably not the answer of everything

there are some workloads kubernetes is

very good at but there are also some

workloads you don’t need communities

okay civilian clients have been working

for in the past we’re super happy with

virtual machines

they tried kubernetes and they were like

wow this is awesome we can do a lot of

things but regarding the business cases

and the the value that would that we get

by using kubernetes

genuinely think that okay I don’t really

need this so the first step is think

about what you are looking for

what are you expecting from using

kubernetes and then again


do some r d testings and see if

kubernetes is really the the right

answer okay if I can I turn the thing is


let’s say I have a heart feeling in in

that because we had the opportunity to

have another orchestration system we all

well we

some people know about which is Dr Swan

which was the first one yes yes and um

I’m heavily convinced in the fact that

90 of the workloads that we see today

using kubernetes can be easily

um leveraged and managed by using swarm

it’s not about why swarm has died or not

that’s not the question my point is

kubernetes is super powerful yes perhaps

too powerful for simple workloads okay

and we would

happily look for a simpler orchestration

system yes for simple workloads and not

having to deal with how powerful and how


um hard kubernetes could be I totally

sometimes we tend

to decide to use under specific

technology the technology should match

our problems and should be in the same

level as our our solution

so how you’re enjoying the Box Morocco

is this like tell me tell me about your

experience I’m super happy to be here

the venue is absolutely awesome uh the

conference is really interesting the

agenda is really well made uh I mean uh

it’s bro it I

it’s probably one of the best

conferences I’ve been to Ah that’s nice

so how this is

this is your for a time that you attend

the Box moroccurs uh it’s the second

time I’ve attended devops Morocco as a

speaker I was in 2019 back in the days

before yes

yeah and um

and yeah I mean I I really feel like we

we how can I say we we upgraded the

conference I mean the venue it’s amazing

and for me what it’s it’s still very

remarkable is the attendees they are

engaging they ask questions and you can

for me honestly Morocco is home away

from home because people are so open

so I I truly enjoyed this conference and


um I I really follow what you said in a

way that


attendees ask questions they are not

afraid to ask questions and they also

asked very interesting questions

I I had some questions that pushed me

somehow back into oh I’m not really sure

how to insert this so

can I get a step forward to look at

different solutions and then I’ll get

back to you to offer the correct

solution and that’s that that’s

challenging I think as a speaker this is

probably one of the best experience we

could have in having people that push

you back into your own

ignorance somehow and push you to learn

more so that you are able to share more

of course of course we are always also

in this cycle about learning

covering what we don’t know yet and

going in that direction

well something else that you want to

leave our audience or tell our audience

a lot of things

pick three the most important one for

you free


one question that I that I often had is

how can I move to cyber security and we

had a discussion with Sirens during the

conference and that the best advice that

I could give is again go to the basics

learn how system networks storage

application works

learn how to break them learn how to fix

them go into distributed system and then


with your knowledge and the

um development knowledge that you have

also go into cyber security don’t go

into cyber security because this is the

the new thing and it’s cool and there

are a lot of tools to help you break

things because this sport helps you in


uh how could I say efficient that would

be the first thing and the second thing


if you have the whatever the I’m going

to say uh

the opportunity to come to the Vox

Morocco then please do oh yes I I I’m

with you there

um you should be here honestly the

speakers are amazing the agenda is

terrific and the venue

it’s awesome yes yes and it’s one of the

largest so you will get a chance to

network and interact with fellow

attendees so yes well thank you very

much thank you very much for the

opportunity and I hope to see you in

another conference in another country

with more interesting topics

absolutely thank you very much thank you