Bazlur Rahman with DevOpsSpeakeasy at DevoxxMA 2022

October 4, 2022

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In this interview, we speak with Bazlur Rahman @bazlur_rahman who works at Contrast Security as a Sr. Software Engineer. He has more than ten years of professional experience in the software industry, predominantly in Java and Java-related technologies. Bazlur talks about how to be a proficient java developer, you must learn Java Thread programming. Thread is the heart of the Java ecosystem. All the server-side programming model heavily depends on the java concurrency model.


Ixchel Ruiz

Developer Advocate @ JFrog

Ixchel is a Developer Advocate @JFrog. She has developed software applications & tools since 2000. Her research interests include Java, dynamic languages, client-side technologies, DevOps, and testing. Java Champion, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, SuperFrog, Hackergarten enthusiast, Open Source advocate, public speaker, and mentor. Travels around the world ( sometimes virtually ) because sharing knowledge is one of her main drives in life!

Video Transcript

okay we’re here at the Vox Morocco I’m

super happy to be with Bachelor Bachelor

please introduce yourself and pronounce

your name correctly because probably I

did I’m wrong

thing there no worries about that so I’m

busy Rahman I’m currently working at a

company called contrast security as a

senior software developer apart from

that I’m a Japanese group lead leader

and also I have written couple of books

in Bengali so I’m an author you can you

could say that it’s true all right and

also I have you know I I blog a lot I I

write for info queue and 4J and a lot of

others uh you know blogging platform for

example one of them and yeah I mean I’m

a community guy more you could say good


the recording in the comments you can

find his Twitter

handle you can follow

false talking about so I know I now know

that you had a deep dive session in

basics of java trading right tell me how

was it well it was good the audience

were you know interesting about it and

we had a lot of interactive

interactivity so I really enjoyed the

session over here so let me tell you

about a bit you know as a double

developer you know we tend to get away a

lot of this stuff for example you know

we we don’t always think about certain

stuff how it works behind for example

the Frameworks we have now spring and

other workers and all those Frameworks

made our life easy although Java is

basically you can put made of thread

it’s from the very beginning Clips is

there and it sometimes works behind the

scene and the junior purple especially

and I have experience with mid-level

engineer as well they don’t have the

basics unresting they use high level

stuff high level concurrency libraries

but they don’t know how it actually

works so I I thought why not you go to

the basics for you know you can learn

those things and revisit those things

and then from there you can build the

you know uh build the advanced system uh

like you know peoples tend to use like I

can give you an example parallel stream

so it’s it’s a switch like one line of

code it makes your code parallel but how

it works in in in in in the in the

internal so that’s what was the

intention you know get excited about it

and the other intention was these you

know people tend to think contrast is

difficult it’s a deadful subject I get

that I I feel the same it’s a difficult

topic but if we get excited about it and

if we keep doing it over and over it

will be easier so I just wanted to you

know make it a fun uh you know make it

interesting and enjoyable yes because

you as you said I mean doing parallelism

it’s really interesting but there is

also a price to pay right not for free

so we do need to understand what are the

use cases where we actually going to

benefit from it right exactly and we

need to know the internals right and

that’s why Basics is important so the

the target audience was definitely the

beginners who you know start to be build

their career as a Java developer and I

think learning concurrency will make

them a better developer and there are

also other developers who are

experienced they know things but they

probably forgot the basics so my

intention was to you know get them the

basics uh you know revisit them ethics

so that you know they can I mean we can

get away with certain things but if we

have a problem in in production but in

other case scenarios we’ll able to

figure it out so that’s why it’s it’s it

that’s what it is the problem right so

that’s that’s that’s essentially my

session is about

well I love that you how you put it like

if it’s for Advance even for our bad

Advanced users it’s really interesting

because we get to refresh and have a

different perspective on a very basic

and fundamental topic that we get to use

a lot in our applications so it’s good

for people that are starting their

careers and it’s good for the

professional yes

okay well uh is this your first the Box

Morocco yes this is the first time here

in Morocco in fact first time here in

this part of the world right uh so I’m

super excited to be here and I’m

enjoying the weather and I mean the

place we are now it’s really you know

really interesting I mean there are a

lot of things to see so I’m really

enjoying here oh that’s great so where

are you located normally oh I’m I were I

am from Canada so I’m originally from

Bangladesh but I am staying in Canada

now okay okay so no completely different


right now right now we have sun outside

and in Canada probably it’s not so sunny

it’s probably I don’t know it’s probably

around 10 degree or six degree right now

I don’t know exactly but yeah it’s

getting colder winter is coming yes

winter is coming and you have quite a

winter right okay any advice to new

developers that are joining our industry

so yeah in fact I work with the junior

developers so what I want to you know

give give to this junior developer is

um you know when you are going to start

uh a thing I mean start to learn a thing

don’t switch stay for a longer time

let’s say give it a try and really try

not you know something happens that I

want to it’s interesting I want to give

a try but then I lose the focus so don’t

just hop with one technology to another

technology to another technology rather

stay with one thing and spend some time

with it try and play around you know try

uh different things and stay while and

you if you keep trying enough you will

be able to you know get through with

this so even technology some of the

technologies that we work with it’s they

are not easy I understand that it’s it’s

it’s suppose it’s not supposed to be

easy right it’s there is a learning

curve always there so yeah even but we

just have to stay a longer to get the


I I love that you make that remark

because we are as good as our tools and

how we learn to use our tools because we

may have the best ever tool but if our

know-how on how to use it it’s not great

then we’re losing our a lot of the

benefits right another thing that you

mentioned like stay there learn it like

really understand the technology will

help you to learn even other things

later on because you can draw parallel

parallelisms from there right right and

also the the one thing that I want to

add which is you know

nowadays people tend to you know focus

on many things lot of things they want

to learn these these and these a lot of

things but they don’t get to master one

particular topic that’s that’s that’s a

I would say that shouldn’t be the case

you should at least you know take one

thing and be master of it it’s like

t-shaped knowledge we will say that

right you can have a lot of breadth but

at least you know pick one thing that

will Define you so that people will know

you are expert in that area and when

they have a problem they can find you so

that way will be you know useful and

accessible to other and opportunity will

show up to your door so yeah you know

try to focus one area it could be Java

it could be Cloud it could be something

else whatever you like but Focus one

area and go deep deep and yeah be master

of it yes because that’s also showing

you commitment discipline and patience

because technology is sometimes require

a lot of patience

that’s true

well anything else you want to the

audience to know about you about the

projects that you are involved about

your jokes right so yeah I work with the

junior developers I mean a lot of you

know Junior developers reach out to me

for advice and then all those things if

you need if you have questions uh in

related to Java related to Career you

know you have started probably uh with a

new thing and you know anything reach

out to me I have a Twitter account which

is probably going to see over here so

reach out to me and yeah just ping me if

you have questions I’ll be always there

to help you well thank you very much for

your time and thank you very much for

being a speaker at this conference and I

hope to see you soon in another

conference in another part of the world

thank you very much for interviewing me

it was a privilege it’s a our pleasure

thank you very much

all right