Raziel Tabib with DevOps Speakeasy at swampUP San Diego 2022

October 4, 2022

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In this interview, we speak to Raziel Tabib, CEO and Founder of Codefresh, a GitOps and continuous delivery platform. He discuss the meaning of GitOps, managing artifacts in the process to deployment, and scaling with ArgoCD instances and adding enrichments and integrations as additional value.


Batel Zohar

Enterprise Solution Lead

Batel Zohar is a Developer Advocate for JFrog and has a background in DevOps support engineering, web development, and embedded software engineering. Prior to this, Batel served as an Enterprise Solutions Lead on a dedicated team that accompanies and assists large customers through the architectural implementation of the JFrog platform. She loves her dogs, plays guitar, and is a fan of Marvel’s movies.

Video Transcript



pop San Diego 2022

we are in person yes finally finally it

has been a while it’s been a while it’s

been a minute yeah yeah and I have the

honor to have with me an old friend

rosiel and the CEO founder of a code

fresh we’re going to talk about what

code fresh is in a second uh how have

you been so first of all as you said

super excited to be here you know we’ve

been partnering with jfrog for so long

and remember you know all this swamp up

back then in Napa and then in San

Francisco and then we had this break of

kovid and it’s so nice to see people now

in person and be here and feel that

energy again of you know this whole

excitement what building software

building it fast and so on so super

excited to be here ah it’s it’s great

hey what’s your favorite song

well I think you know um

don’t know much about this one yet but I

think the Napa one just before we move

to San Francisco that was like super

super nice it was like intimate we got

everyone back then we kind of had the

feeling that something is about to

explode just about to explode great wine

awesome it wasn’t this looks beautiful

yes it was an experience this looks

promising too you know it looks

promising too it kind of back into like

a small venue with everyone inside but

yeah we really tried to get this Napa

wide back yes without the constraints of

the the venues it couldn’t scale I think

to the number of you know customers and

you know but but that might be what

we’re looking for the same Vibe but more

scalable yeah but we’ll see we’ll see

definitely looking forward great things

tonight I can promise you I know what

I’m look I’m looking forward to it I’m

looking forward it’s going to be amazing

yes awesome all right so cool French I

mean whoever is watching us for a while

and following Twitter for a while

obviously not quite fresh just because

as you mentioned we’ve been partners for

for ages yes but uh you know there are

always new people that you’re going to

learn about new awesome tools for devops

yes and definitely should know about

code fresh yeah so so obviously yeah so

code flash we are like continuous

delivery platform continuous delivery

that has built above you know Argo City

which is one of the fastest open source

projects you know at the moment clusters

in terms of how fast how fast they’ve

been adopted also you know I think the

cncf report about the fastest open

source project bottom contribution and

adoption you know pointed out that Argo

City is becoming and and it’s not

surprising because you know our platform

really helping our customers

implementing githubs and githubs really

start you know becoming the standard of

how to do deployment in the same way

that you know in the past we’ve moved

from waterfall to Agile more and more

you know organization realize that in

order to deploy as frequent as they want

to deploy they need to move into a

practice that takes away all these chaos

and so on and get UPS is the standout so

we’re a gator platform we help you know

many of our customers you know Implement

their continuous delivery using githubs

and we partner with you guys because

you’re really becoming you know the

standards and in all of this like

Fortune 500 companies that we’re coming

in so

again this is what cosplay is all right

okay so get UPS I have to share I really

hate the term yeah I hate the term for

is it’s really confusing when you

compare it with the term Devils yes what

DeVos means

developer yes operations come together


detox sound on the same vienne

completely different yeah it’s

completely I think I think get UPS is

more kind of

um describe the evolution that we’ve

seen over time that everything is being

described and stored as a code you know

for many years it was just the

application code that we’re stored in

you know in git and so on and then you

know there come you know standouts about

infrastructure as a code you know with

terraform pushing it but now also you

don’t cross plan and so on and and

recently it’s just the whole application

configuration so everything is being

stored in um in git which to some level

also aligns to the fact that developers

becoming more and more you know

prominent and and and kind of

influencing in the organization and git

is their go-to kind of you know


tool or practice so that’s the term of

get ups but it’s definitely you know

it’s it’s complementing or supplementing

devops which talking about a broader

scope of getups is a practice of how to

do continuous deployment right devops is

talking about this whole Space of

bringing Dev and Ops together right

right so I

know yeah

really good yeah of course everything

described as a code is uh is the right

way to go but then there is this process

of deploy when you start from this code

yes and you actually need to create

artifacts that in the end of the day you

need to go to production yes one

Whatever whatever device it is yes is it

a cloud that is a metal or even iot

devices or Edge the artifacts are key

and instrumental part of the process you

know so in get you mainly store the

metadata of you know of the difference

you know stages but the artifact

themselves are like you know generated

along the process and needs to be

managed throughout the process there’s

the importance of adding metadata to

this artifact to really being able to

trace back to you know who built this

you know image or artifact whether

they’re secure or not secure and that’s

where we know we partner with jfrog to

kind of adding all of this metadata on

top managing the the promotion of this

artifact from one stage to the other

right and then this is obviously

critical because artifacts and the

metadata is the

from a deployment perspective yes right

so you have the source which describes

how artifacts are deployed but then you

have the artifacts which describe what

is being deployed yes so it actually you

actually need to have both yes yes so

okay cool so you mentioned Argo uh Argo

City and that’s a CNC project Under the

Umbrella of cncf purely open source kind

of governed by the community so what uh

what conference does with Hardware so

basically you know the the multiple

levels but I think you know the first

and foremost we really help you Tech you

know really

um make the most out of Argo right away

so in one end is we’re helping you scale

with Argo most of our customers have

multiple instances of Argos so getting a

single control plane to manage all of

these Argo instances then the other

aspect is adding what we talked about

all of this metadata that we come from

integrating with tools like you know

like jfrog so being able to do the

reverse engineering on this deployment

because the deployments when you look at

it at the code is tell you okay I moved

from this chart to that chart or I moved

from this image tab to that image stack

but was in this image tag you know which

commits are inside and you know where

you know which pipeline has built this

what are the other active facts are they

secure or not that’s what we’re adding

on top of Argo CD so both the scale as

well as the enrichments and the

Integrations is additional value that

provide on top of Arbor City yeah that

makes sense and you also contributors

yes we also you know one of the key

contributors to Argo CD we organize the

argocon events together with our

partners we have recently launched a

certifications for Argo CD that has

almost over eight thousand you know

certified argosidic and you know you

know um users and now worldwide so this

is like super super exciting for us as

you know just coming out of kubecon and

I’ve seen Argo CD all over the place

we’ve given away t-shirts run out after

two hours you know we run out of all of

our Swagger hours super exciting because

people are excited about our bill yeah

excited about this technology I think

you know they realize that

they want to move fast and get UPS is

the new way of how to deploy in the same

way that they’re also looking now you

know one step after get Ops is like when

I started deployment how do I Implement

practices of progressive delivery like

Canary deployments and bluego

deployments putting in all the checks

and we’re helping them with that too so

we’re hosting both the Argo CD and the

rollout so helping them integrate with

APM tools and set up the deployment

strategy so yeah I think it is an

exciting times because we’re seeing all

of this and you’ve seen that too all of

these like Fortune 500 that realize we

can’t continue doing things the same way

we did before we have to innovate we

have to move much faster

that makes sense I think today we

learned Brazil thank you very much thank

you so much been pleasure excited to be

here and looking forward to the rest of

the event enjoy SpongeBob sounds good