JFrog, DevOps tool leader, uses AI and ML internally. Our Story Revealed! @Applied AI & DevOps Meetup

September 9, 2020

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Title: “JFrog, DevOps tool leader, uses AI and ML internally. Our Story Revealed!”

This will be a collaborative presentation around how JFrog’s DevOps practices have automated their Data Science and model training to validate secure versions. They will dive into some Interesting AI/ML techniques they have built internally and how they see the future of DevOps and AI in an enterprise.

Fred Simon – Co-Founder/Chief Data Scientist @ JFrog – https://www.linkedin.com/in/freddy33/ & Matan Mashiah – Head of Data Science @ JFrog – https://www.linkedin.com/in/matan-mashiah-65314587/


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Matan Mashiah

Head of Data Science

Prior to heading the data science practices at JFrog, Matan was the leader of the Artificial intelligence group at IBM’s professional services. He was responsible for developing AI and ML solutions for a variety of enterprise customers. As part of the role, he designed and implemented multiple first-of-a-kind AI solutions such as the first worldwide AI assistant via WhatsApp channel and a unique orchestration platform for supporting multiple AI assistants conversations in a single chat session. In 2017, Matan took a major part in establishing the BI & analysis platform of the Israeli national cyber security centre. He holds a MSc degree in big data and data mining.

Fred Simon

Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at JFrog

Co-founder of JFrog in 2008 (Artifactory and Bintray creator) which delivers solutions for streamlining the process of managing software artifacts in modern development, build and runtime environments. Release Fast or Die! Historically, after years of experiences on C/C++ software, I co-founded AlphaCSP in 1998 to ride the Java wave. AlphaCSP was the first BEA professional services partner in France.