History and Design of Ternary Computers @ Bay Area C++ User Group Meetup

Join for an in-person event at the JFrog Sunnyvale office!

November 9, 2022

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History and Design of Ternary Computers

As data storage and transfer move to multi-level systems, it is natural to ask what the implications are if logic expands beyond 2 levels as well. In this talk, we consider the impact of 3-level logic on character sets, integers types, and floating point numbers, and the implications for modern programming languages. We will discuss the history of 3-level computers as well as physical systems that support 3-level logic. We end with a discussion about whether ternary logic is more natural for computation than binary by examining various applications.

About the Speaker:

Nick Thompson is a modeling and simulation engineer, specializing in numerical methods. Previously, he worked at Oak Ridge National Labs and maintained boost.math, where he implemented the quadratures, interpolators, and signal processing toolkits.

We are meeting at the JFrog development office and will have a sign-in process on iPad as people enter which will include: Name, Company (optional), Email and Phone Number, and a community-friendly NDA.

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