Conan Center 1,000 Recipes Community Celebration

Speakers: Diego Rodriguez-Losada Gonzalez ,Lead Architect JFrog

September 30, 2021

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We’re delighted to thank the Conan community on reaching a major milestone, the public contribution of over 1,000 Conan recipes to Conan Center, the repository for hosting C/C++ packages!

Conan recipes are Python-language files that describe how a Conan package is consumed. Each recipe is used to produce hundreds of C/C++packages, so this is an achievement with huge community impact .

JFrog’s Conan team expresses this best in their post on the Conan blog:

Since its inception, Conan Center has grown a lot. Almost 400 contributors, 10,000 commits, 5,500 pull requests, and, most of all, an incredible community helping us every day to make it even bigger and better.

To congratulate the many contributors that have added their recipes to Conan Center, RSVP to the Conan Center team for a 1,000 Recipe Virtual Event, to be broadcast on YouTube!

Conan Center contributors will have a chance to win a Nintendo Switch. Make sure you are signed in to the Conan Slack channel to engage with our team and panelists during the event!

Congratulations to the Conan community on hitting this milestone!


Diego Rodriguez-Losada Gonzalez

    Diego Rodriguez-Losada Gonzalez

    Diego Rodriguez

    Diego Rodriguez-Losada Gonzalez 's passions are robotics and SW engineering and development. He has developed many years in C and C ++ in the Industrial, Robotics and AI fields. Diego was also a University (tenure track) professor and robotics researcher for 8 years, till 2012, when he quit academia to try to build a C / C ++ dependency manager and co-founded a startup. Since then he mostly develops in Python. Diego is a C / C ++ package manager co-creator and maintainer, now working at JFrog as senior SW engineer and C / C ++ advocate.

    Stephen Chin

    Senior Director of Developer Relations

    Stephen Chin is Senior Director of Developer Relations at JFrog, author of Raspberry Pi with Java, The Definitive Guide to Modern Client Development, and Pro JavaFX Platform. He has keynoted numerous Java conferences around the world including Oracle Code One (formerly JavaOne), where he is an 8-time Rock Star Award recipient. Stephen is an avid motorcyclist who has done evangelism tours in Europe, Japan, and Brazil, interviewing hackers in their natural habitat and posting the videos on When he is not traveling, he enjoys teaching kids how to do embedded and robot programming together with his teenage daughter.

    Video Transcript

    okay so welcome everyone to the
    conan 1000 recipes
    virtual community event we’re very
    excited to to have everyone here
    uh my name is stephen chin vp of
    developer relations at jfrog i am joined
    by diego who is the co-founder of conan
    and the lead architect
    on conan and a great guy how are you
    doing diego
    i’m doing great steve
    thank you yeah this is very exciting
    this is a celebration today and i’m
    really really thrilled to be to be here
    awesome yeah now this is this is this is
    a huge milestone for conan so we’re
    we’re all super excited
    so we we’ve got a lot of great content
    lined up we’re we’re gonna be
    first giving a little intro to the
    presentation which we’ll start in just a
    then we have an awesome presentation
    about conan center and some great
    community panelists which we’ll be going
    through so please join us
    you can reach out and talk to us
    directly and ask questions via the
    the conan slack um on the cpp slack
    slack slack group and um yeah let’s get
    right into the presentation so
    here is the presentation and take it
    away diego
    okay i did see my screen he said okay
    great so hello
    my name is diego i’m one of the one of
    the co-founders of conan and together
    with luis lazore in in github
    i want to say something something very
    to you to the community to the
    contributors of conan center
    is thank you it’s a big thank you to all
    of you because this is an amazing
    milestone and this is
    not only about the about the 1000
    recipes in a github repo
    that is nothing the important
    part of it is that there are thousands
    and thousands of companies using conan
    in production
    uh in in everywhere in agriculture in
    automotive healthcare finance
    and these companies many many of them
    which means
    tens of thousands of developers and
    millions of people
    are using red these recipes from conan
    center into their products they are
    releasing it to the world this is
    something that is has a huge impact i
    can tell you because i work closely with
    many many conan users daily i talk to
    them everything and they are growing new
    users are joining every day
    the impact that you the community in
    conan center are having in the world is
    absolutely incredible
    so as a
    small small thing for you we wanted to
    do something
    and we today we are going to raffle
    a nintendo switch this is if you have
    contributed to conan center that means
    to the conan center index github repo if
    you have done a pull request
    and it has been merged
    you please please
    enter your data into this link this link
    will be posted into them
    into them
    uh into the zoom into the into the
    uh somewhere please in the next half an
    enter the your data there and we will be
    roughing this this nintendo switch
    you need to be in the conan channel in
    the cpp line slack because we we will
    get in contact with you
    uh and then you should accept the the
    price when you when you
    when we tell you to that you have one
    this is a legal condition so please make
    sure that you enter your data
    in this link
    also that you are in the conan channel
    in the language like so we can contact
    for for the winner
    then of course today is it’s about thank
    you and and and the main things is for
    the community and the contributors but i
    also want to have a award for for gay
    fruit because jfrog is sponsoring the
    party they are sponsoring us the conan
    team they are exploring the sponsoring
    the content center infrastructure that
    as many of you know is not it’s not a
    small one it’s a it’s a big one and also
    many other things they are releasing the
    artifactory communication for free so we
    can use it in our companies as well and
    overall they are just believing in open
    source and supporting the cianci
    platfast community
    so thanks thanks very much jeff for for
    and my second thank you today because
    today we are talking with the
    is the conan center team of course the
    conan team but especially in this case
    the this uh this is the core of the
    conan center team the people that are
    supporting you
    and what i love about about this team is
    that they they do it greatly they are
    really talented people but they are also
    passionate they are fun to work with
    this is uh one of the best team members
    and i really wanted to say uh thank you
    and keep keep rocking
    finally i want to share the word uh
    about the future okay the past has been
    amazing this mileton is is the reflect
    of this past
    and we have an exciting
    future head we are very very close to
    release our first 2.0 alpha
    it will be very alpha state but it will
    already implement most of the feedback
    of the tribe many important changes
    that have been discussed in the in the
    are already there so please keep tuned
    because we will be we’ll be releasing
    this very very soon
    what does it mean for conan center
    most of the things that you will need in
    conan center are being made available in
    1x so for example conan 140 has many
    many things that will will be available
    and they will be possible to do pull
    requests to content center using these
    tools so
    quantum center becomes prepared for the
    conan two zero migration while being in
    the column one x s list so please keep
    tuned for these changes we will be
    releasing a releasing blog posts to to
    report about this
    and uh yeah i i’m pretty sure i’m pretty
    positive that the future and quantum
    screen will be great
    because uh your support and your and
    your contributions are amazing and you
    will be there so thanks very much
    and please keep keep rocking the the
    conan center
    that’s it
    thank you very much and i wanted to now
    to pass the word to javier who is going
    to present about the
    about the
    thanks very much thanks very much diego
    so before we before we pass over javier
    um so it’s super exciting that conan two
    alpha’s coming out
    um and i i think it’d be worth it what’s
    what what are you most looking forward
    for the conan 2 release because this has
    been a long time in coming
    yeah absolutely
    i’m looking forward to reduce the number
    of tickets and support tickets that we
    get in github because you know what the
    the integrations
    everything will be way more natural and
    intuitive the expected behavior we are
    getting rid of many legacy
    we we’re talking about five years old
    and now we are getting rid of them so
    this will result in a much
    more powerful and also intuitive uh
    conan quran 2.0 and
    it is expected that it will be
    way more smoothly to to support and the
    users of course that means uh happier
    users in general so this is what i’m i’m
    looking for and i’m more excited
    being the user is more more happy and
    more satisfied using con crazy no that’s
    great and that’s that’s very confident
    do a new release and expect the support
    tickets to go down
    okay so let’s um let’s add javier to
    talk a bit about the demo
    welcome javier hello how are you okay
    i’m gonna put you in the background
    diego thanks
    sure thanks dial for the kind words
    hi steve how are you
    hey how are you doing and what are you
    going to talk about today
    well i think today is about
    celebrating the 1000 recipes and
    okay it’s a great milestone we one year
    ago we we wouldn’t believe that we would
    be speaking about one thousand recipes
    now into two thousand twenty one at one
    august we get to that number this is
    really amazing
    yeah no that’s a huge that’s a huge
    milestone okay i’m going to put you full
    screen and you can you can take it away
    yes please
    okay yes
    said okay i’m javier
    most of the people that is contributing
    to conan center in the backstage
    and i really need to thank all of them
    as davao said it’s an incredible team
    i’m very happy to work with all of them
    of course
    i need to say a big thank you to all the
    contributors and also i need to join
    with theo and say thank you to jfro
    they are they are really sponsoring
    conan and conan center
    okay i wanted to talk to you about
    my life as a as a c class plus developer
    okay i’ve been a superplus developer for
    more than 10 years before before joining
    and as many of you i suppose
    this was our life
    okay this is what we really like to do
    we love to code during the
    week we work on
    work stuff and during the
    the weekends we keep programming of
    course don’t do it okay weekends it’s
    just for rest and enjoy but we really
    know the truth and the truth is that
    during the weekends some of us are
    trying to learn new things trying to
    experiment with new libraries trying to
    learn and to improve our skills
    this was me one month ago i was trying
    to look for
    okay let me i will
    tell the history from
    from the very beginning
    i was trying to i said okay i want to
    show these 3d models in the in the
    do some
    thingiverse thing okay there’s a 3d mode
    and i want to do it using simpler class
    okay we all know that there is a theme
    called m-scripting and it should be more
    or less the way it will
    and i started to look for libraries
    that i can use to to run something like
    this okay and this will be the model
    just a conan cube that danny did some
    years ago
    and i found this library machine library
    okay this is a c plus plus library and
    looking to the examples
    i saw that
    okay this is 3d in the web
    so probably this is what i was looking
    okay this is m script then this was
    exactly the thing i wanted to do
    okay i have a library i don’t need to
    write it my own
    then what do you usually do
    okay you go to the source code to the
    examples i have the tab here
    and you start to check okay you navigate
    the examples
    you look for the one you are interested
    which is for example okay what’s this
    you check the c plus plus
    okay not so many lines
    well most of them related to
    mouse controls and the draw event okay
    easy i mean sorry easy example but then
    you go to the cmake list
    i suppose that all of you if you are
    here listening to people talking about
    conan and conan center probably you are
    developers you know cmake and you know
    about cement lists
    and you find
    the thing that we as sickle splash
    developers are afraid of
    this fine package
    find packets okay just a couple of
    but then you start to pull the thread
    you see that it is not only those two
    libraries those libraries require
    other libraries and those other
    libraries require other libraries and
    this was more or less it
    magnum requires great requires sdl
    version 2 which also requires a lot of
    libraries then some audio libraries
    opengl for of course
    and as i was willing to load some 3d
    model i need some plugins or extensions
    to read that
    that model and import it into something
    that magnum can’t remember
    and you say okay
    it was going to be easy it was just a
    library no it is 15 or 20 libraries and
    you start to think
    you say okay i was trying to do this
    during the weekend
    maybe what can you do okay you can
    switch to buys
    it would be a surprise a pip install and
    it will probably work
    maybe javascript it’s also easy they
    have npm and it works
    even java have its own thing
    marlin you can run now and install and
    it works some of them will be easier
    or harder to run the series in the
    but when it comes
    to c plus plus
    you just can’t
    okay you just can’t clone the sorceress
    and see if the rhythm helps
    what do you do okay you just you can
    give up
    or you can try a different approach
    and then you discover
    conan center
    and just to go to the web page i suppose
    all of you know it conan i o conan dot
    io center
    and there you can search for libraries
    and you see that sdl is available
    hard booth is available
    and more or less you start to check that
    all the libraries you need for your xml
    exam smart example are available
    and then
    you are happy again
    okay you start to think
    that probably it is possible probably
    you will be able to build that
    example in in that weekend probably just
    in one afternoon if everything works
    and i suppose that now is time when you
    want to see
    it working okay
    because yes it does it works so let me
    share the scenario with you
    using conan
    with conan center the only thing you
    need to do
    something like this okay you just need a
    file you just need to list
    the recipes you want to use okay you
    need some generators some something else
    but i’m not going to enter into details
    here you have very good documentation
    in the in the conan webpage you can
    follow them you can follow the getting
    started and you will know
    all the secrets behind this
    behind this file
    and everything you need to do is just
    write your regular cmake script which is
    the the theme i have here
    this is exactly the same file we saw in
    the examples
    okay the same c plus plus five
    and with a simple
    phonon command
    like this one okay upon an install
    it will retrieve recipes it will recruit
    packages from their remote and the most
    important thing
    it will create
    these files
    these fine module files that we all know
    are the
    keystone of cmake
    with these files
    we know that okay if they refer to the
    property include files and to the proper
    libraries and everything
    then it will work and it does work
    okay we can build this example
    in release
    and we can run the example
    okay it will take some time because the
    cpu is busy with a streaming streaming
    process but it will it will work trust
    it was building advance okay i’m
    building everything from scratch
    let’s see if it
    starts the application
    come on
    okay here it is
    this is just a regular desktop
    application okay this was the easy thing
    we all know that okay next more or less
    everything was going to work
    but the great great great thing with
    conan is that with exactly the same
    sources exactly the same cmake file
    more or less the same command i just
    need to change a profile you can learn
    about profiles in quantum documentation
    exactly the same
    conan will install
    the libraries for ms script and in this
    example okay maybe you need to build
    some library from sources that’s not a
    problem conan will deal with it
    but the important point is that you will
    get your fine module files
    pointing to the right binaries foreign
    and it will work exactly the same as it
    was working for the release
    let me switch the configuration
    let me build it
    okay maybe it takes longer
    and being honest this is something that
    one year ago or
    i think yes one year ago it was
    unbelievable for me okay i couldn’t
    think that writing a small example to
    show a 3d model in the browser was even
    possible okay it has it has been
    it has built
    the theme now i need to
    open a server
    and if i go to the browser
    and enter
    the address
    here it is exactly the same sources
    exactly the same image file
    exactly almost the same command command
    everything is ready for it you for me in
    this case to use and i’m really really
    really really happy
    because this is possible now and it was
    not possible before
    and to be honest
    i think that this is a new era for c
    plus plus developer for those of us who
    to write c plus plus code
    now we can do something that
    it was unbelievable
    one year ago one year ago it would take
    one week to build those 15 or 20
    and yes i’m very very very grateful for
    all the people who make this possible
    and i wonder
    how how is this possible
    i really want to thank them
    yeah so
    i would say
    a developer like
    it’s all about the contributors
    in conan center
    but maybe we have people here that
    is not
    so familiar with the
    with how common center
    let me go a little bit
    a little bit further and explain how
    everything happening
    yeah it’s all about the contributors but
    what’s happening there so
    in conan center
    we have a common repository
    which is called content center index
    and here is
    where all the interaction happens this
    is where people in conan center meet to
    new recipes
    and the process is
    fairly simple
    you just have to open a pull request
    with the recipe you want to
    you want to have in conan center and
    all the packages will be generated for
    for you
    in the repository
    has had a
    really great
    acceptance and as you can see in the
    we have a good number of pull requests
    every month
    here you can see the trend that is
    increasing every month so for example if
    you take july we reach over the 400 pull
    which is something amazing for
    people contributing here
    and you can see more or less that the
    trend is 200 pull requests every month
    which is something something amazing
    as i said
    the repository has a lot of
    a lot of activity
    and another milestone is that we are
    more than 500 contributors already so
    this is what we are
    why we are today here uh we are
    all we all want to say a big thank you
    because this is the people that are
    making it
    possible so
    yeah it’s it’s great
    but when you contribute to conan center
    you also have
    great feeling of people interacting in
    pull requests sharing their knowledge
    and you know making the recipes better
    and making the c plus plus ecosystem
    more usable
    when when we started to look at the
    other data uh we saw that uh reflective
    there for example here in this graph you
    can see that the
    most of the
    pull requests that are open to conan
    center are actually merged we have a
    very low rate of pull request that got
    declined or pull requests that are that
    remain open
    so yeah this is great even in some
    months if see in the in the chart
    there are
    there are pull requests
    all the pull requests have been merged
    so this is great and you have the
    feeling that
    if someone wants to contribute if
    someone wants to open a new pull request
    they are not going to be left behind
    they are going to receive feedback in
    the pull request and it will be
    finally finally merged
    so yeah this uh it’s a great feeling
    and also here you can see
    people that are the top contributors to
    conan center
    i mean
    we have
    many many great people that are a
    sharing and improving recipes over time
    and yeah it’s great to see that huge
    amount of work invested there
    it’s not only about top contributors but
    about anyone contributing to the
    repository so in the chart you can see
    also new people coming to the repository
    are getting pull requests merged
    so here you can see monthly pull
    requests versus monthly unit
    contributions and of course the pull
    request trend is
    but also the the unique contributors
    every month is increasingly steadily so
    this is a a huge thing for uh for a
    community like
    the conan center one
    and and this is great uh to see that
    this is working
    yeah let me
    let me go a little bit farther and see
    that uh
    behind the scenes uh
    is more complex than it looks like so
    this is what happens in the ripple but
    behind the scenes there is a whole
    system taking care of building the
    the packages
    here you can see uh simplify the diagram
    of what is happening there
    as some of you may know we are running
    the wheel service on top of jenkins and
    on top of artifactory
    basically the flow is whenever a pull
    request is open
    and or a new commit is done it triggers
    the new build
    and for every
    new er
    and for every build we are doing a
    couple of things so
    uh for example we have delicate hook
    checks that are taking care of the of
    the quality of the recipes
    we also calculate the different package
    ideas that
    will generate
    the the different profiles that we
    generate a different package id sorry
    and finally those packages are built and
    uploaded to a dedicated repository in
    artifactory along with some useful
    metadata that we are collecting
    also the feedback during this build
    is shared a
    with a content center with a well-known
    content center bot for for the community
    that is the one providing feedback in
    the pull request comments
    in the bills and they are and it’s also
    collecting a summary of the packages
    that were generated or the packages that
    that failed
    and finally
    when the
    when the pull request is finally
    reviewed and merged
    the packages go through a different
    process that we
    call it a promotion
    that is just coping packages from one
    repository to another in artifactory
    which is a really
    a really great thing because we don’t
    have to spend time
    downloading up and uploading packages
    in fact
    we are relying entirely in in
    artifactory so here
    we can we want i wanted to show you some
    of the things that we are storing in
    artifactory you can see in the in the
    list the most
    the the
    sorry the reference that have the
    more the most recipe revisions
    uh and besides the huge milestone of
    having quite a little bit more of
    1000 recipes you can see there that we
    a good number of ref references complete
    references i mean the
    libraries with the with the persian
    altogether we have 216
    600 packages uh there and
    and also the revision so
    artifactory is actually serving more
    50 terabytes of data
    that comes mainly from the from the
    binaries generated
    and yeah and you can see we got a almost
    10 000 recipe revisions
    each of them
    more than 80 packages average uh
    so if this is this is great and our
    artifactory is actually serving a huge
    amount of of data uh for conan center
    and and for everyone
    available for everyone just
    with a conan current install command
    and also to give you some idea about it
    here we started collecting
    recently some trends about the the
    the data transfer that we are serving
    from artifactory and here you can see a
    with the oil remote
    and the
    the one from bing tray and and the other
    one and it was a great thing to see that
    the data was actually reflecting uh what
    we expected
    yeah you see here that
    the conan center started to to
    got more data transfer than the old one
    and it was uh great to to see say people
    to this
    to disconnect center with new remote and
    it’s actually
    amazing to to see how artifactory is
    actually serving all this amount of data
    as diego said in the in the introduction
    of the talk
    there is uh
    also people taking care of this system
    running and i wanted to
    also to thank you the the jfrock team
    there we are
    there are many people
    many people taking care of this system
    and and taking care that is running
    almost around the clock so i wanted to
    also to join with a thank you
    to jfrock and and to the people here
    you know it’s a group of amazing people
    that we are
    we are keeping the system running
    so yeah
    now let me hand over again to my
    colleague javier because i think
    there is
    something else we want to tell you
    yes besides all the people that is
    making possible this system in the
    united states maybe you know some of us
    in github because we are
    all the day every day they’re trying to
    you and as you help us with our pull
    that’s not all
    because what we have built is not only a
    system that process pull requests and
    eventually merge the packages
    what we have here is not only a great
    team of people working in conan center
    what we have here is not just jfro
    a sponsoring this effort
    we have here also
    the work of many of you not only in the
    but also writing hooks for example those
    little snippets that help us to cook
    those recipes in the worst best way
    that help us to validate
    every little detail from recipes
    that’s not all on top of conan center
    there are some bots that you the
    community have developed there are bots
    that take care of the documentation
    as you know there are also
    a boat that detects possible conflicting
    recipes and post a message in the tool
    request hey have a look to the other
    pull request because it is modifying the
    same recipe that’s great
    there are also a bot which is
    notifying about the pull requests that
    are ready to be reviewed i mean those
    pull requests that have built all the
    packages successfully and they only need
    some manual intervention to review and
    approve those packages so they can get
    merged into into conan center
    there are also bots that take care of
    notification when a new release of a
    library is released
    and they create pull requests for those
    new releases all automatically so this
    is this is really great
    and when you have a look to the pull
    request and you start to follow links
    this is not all that happens there is
    i’m really really really happy that it
    is happening and it’s and it is when you
    follow links sometimes you get
    to repositories where you see that
    library authors are taking patches that
    were developed
    in the context of content center and
    they have taken those patches and
    applying them to their libraries
    patches to the sources and also of
    course patches to the to the build
    this is really amazing we are all of us
    are contributing back
    to those library authors that are making
    everything possible from the very
    and it is great to see that
    those authors
    see some value in conan center because
    conan center helps them
    to solve their
    the library is now in a place in a web
    page that is aggregating
    like c plus plus libraries and you can
    use to search and find
    libraries that you were not aware of
    so this is also great and of course
    our experience our pull request is
    helping the conan client to be every day
    a better tool for c plus plus developers
    we detect bugs we
    suggest new features we contribute with
    examples that help conan to be
    the best package manager out there
    and this is great i think i really think
    we are building a virtual cycle
    okay we are creating a platform and we
    are already in that point where
    we have enough recipes so people think
    that conan center is something useful
    and as they think it is something useful
    they contribute with more recipes and
    this is
    exactly what we really need and what we
    really want
    to be honest i think that it is of
    course it is not possible within jfrog
    it is not possible without some work of
    some people the great thing we have in
    but it is not possible without you
    and this is the message from this talk
    this is
    because you are there you are
    contributing to recipes and we really
    we are already a conan center community
    and what’s next 2000 recipes i don’t
    know the sky is the limit
    so now i will
    love it danny join us again
    steve you can pop up as well
    hey no that was awesome great
    presentation both of you and i’m i’m
    very excited how do i write my own bot
    yeah you actually will have to
    ask the people in the community they are
    doing amazing things with the with the
    bots there
    now that’s great um excellent excellent
    job and it’s great to see all the the
    hard work which the
    you guys and the whole conan community
    are putting into making it a better a
    better ecosystem and easier to use
    cnc plus plus libraries
    yes i think that’s the
    the biggest achievement of conan and
    conan center to make c plus plus
    a better place
    cool that’s great and um
    i think that the next thing we wanted to
    do was to
    have a panel with some folks from the
    conan community
    so i’m gonna i’m gonna ask some
    additional folks to
    to join us thanks thanks danny i’m gonna
    i’m gonna drop you
    yeah you don’t go too far
    okay and now we’re gonna add
    and chris
    welcome how are you guys doing
    very good
    hello hello hi
    awesome and um so what we’re gonna what
    we’re gonna do for this panel is um
    we we really want this to be interactive
    with folks watching the stream
    so if you can
    ask questions um preferably on the on
    the conan slack if you’re on the conan
    slack so
    feel free to just ask them um
    conan the cppslack
    or you can also ask on the youtube
    stream and we’ll we’ll try to pull in
    comments if you’re on the youtube stream
    only and you wanna
    you wanna ask some things from
    from folks who are on the panel here
    and i think this is also a great
    opportunity just to just kind of
    appreciate what folks are doing with
    conan how they’re using it and for us to
    get good feedback about conan as well
    because we want to continue
    improving conan we want to make it a
    better resource for for the community
    make it work better have improvements in
    conan 2 which are going to value the
    community and the only way we know this
    is by folks in the community
    um helping us out so let’s let’s quickly
    do a round of
    self intros so
    um i think you you just finished
    presenting javier but why don’t you why
    don’t you introduce yourself a little
    more fully
    i mean i was a simpler class developer
    for a long long time and to be honest i
    really quit my previous year because
    in order to continue working as a
    superstars developer i needed a package
    manager and that’s the
    one the main reason i joined jfrog
    to develop conan
    and we are building it
    yeah i think you’re in the right place
    okay and maybe you want to go next
    hello i am william and
    i used to be a simple sports developer
    like a hugger and for many many years we
    had problems with
    the software management pack management
    and i used to
    create a bash script like i
    i wrote in the chat
    to build out my independence but it
    looked like two weeks and of course only
    works for a specific scenario for linux
    for example and we have the similar
    scripts on batch for windows
    when uh
    i know
    and after that uh i knew kona
    and the fact management was
    was uh changed mind about the some of
    the problems right to this plus plus
    cool i like your thousand recipes on the
    whiteboard in the background
    very colorful
    okay and last but not least chris um how
    are you doing you want to enter yourself
    introduce yes so i have been programming
    in c plus since i was a p little kid in
    school started with programming on
    robots and i worked all the way up to
    doing cloud apis restful xero trust
    and i am also a former c-plus plus
    developer there seems to be a trend on
    this chat today
    i also had this same experience trying
    to build restful micro api services the
    number of dependencies was immense and i
    absolutely needed a package manager and
    it’s part of the reason why i’ve been so
    passionate about contributing to conan
    on my spare time
    cool awesome thanks chris
    okay so we we actually have some some
    good um questions coming up on the
    youtube chat so um devere
    um asked a couple questions um which
    he’s curious about so one thing he was
    wondering is statistics of library
    authors adopting conan as the official
    way to consume their package so do we
    do we know how many library authors are
    actually starting to look at conan as a
    better way to distribute their packages
    that’s a hard question and
    to be honest we don’t have
    that number we would love to we know
    that there is people that is already
    using just conan for example today i saw
    a tweet where
    there was a 3d engine that he moved
    from cmake to conan he was just using
    conan install and gonna build
    which was okay under the
    under the
    the conan call of course probably it was
    running cmake
    i mean i mean there is there are people
    we don’t know how many this is something
    we would really want to know
    we cannot know what people is doing in
    their own repositories
    yeah and i mean hopefully it gets to the
    point um just like in the other
    languages you you pointed out where it’s
    the default that you
    you use a package manager like conan to
    do your releases
    um i think that’s pretty much expected
    that any any python npm or java package
    you use just just by default uses a um a
    package manager the one of vira’s second
    questions was um how an author can
    automate releasing new version so how
    how easy is if i’m an open source author
    just automate um pushing new packages
    and having them built by conan center
    i don’t want to take all the questions i
    prince also
    know about this one probably right
    it is about the the boat i commented
    there is a boat that is monitoring new
    releases of libraries and submitting
    automatically a pull request with the
    library i think that the author of that
    vote is in the youtube channel
    because yeah yeah actually he replied as
    well to hear her and talked about the
    bot i think it’s probably him although i
    can’t read cyrillic so the name is is
    unpronounceable for me
    so this is something we haven’t written
    okay this is not our work it’s a
    and it is just monitoring new releases
    and submitting the
    required changes so conan center will
    trigger the full request to contribute
    those packages those new packages to
    connect center
    so just know it is possible it is easy
    given how conan center works you just
    need to modify a file which is easily
    with a script
    so it is
    a piece of cake i mean and if anyone
    wants to do it just open an issue in
    conan center index and we will help him
    also croydon created a specific box to
    operate the dependency receipt so from
    time to time if you use bing crafters
    depository you’ll see new definitions to
    be updated by his his bot
    there are more bots actually running
    there in quantum centralities created by
    the community eriki also created a
    specific part which it takes uh
    conflicts in between peers let’s say you
    open uh
    a bumpy temperance for a specific
    another person creating our specific apr
    for the same recipe so that bot will
    identify and notify both users
    cool that’s awesome um yeah so it sounds
    like it’s it’s quite easy to
    go ahead i think that now that we are
    talking about bots i really want to ask
    because you wrote a really cool boat
    maybe you can tell us all your
    your work
    for that what but
    i would love to talk about it so i’m
    the author of the pull request ready for
    review bonds
    and it monitors the github api and it
    runs every hour and it checks the status
    of all
    the pull requests that are open
    and if you go into our documentation
    inside the review procedure you’ll find
    some of the criteria that it takes so
    the build has to be passing
    it needs to have three reviews
    uh one of the conan team and two
    community reviews will get it
    so the bot will go through and look at
    all the open floor requests and check
    each one of them to see where it’s at
    and it’ll even add work pull requests
    that have no reviews so the new ones
    that get opened will also get flagged
    and it makes it a really easy spot for
    the community to go and find the status
    of all the pogerfest that are open and
    which ones need the most attention
    your body is
    really cool and all the graphics and the
    statistics you post in that ecu i really
    recommend all of all of our attendees to
    to go there and have a look to that
    to that really great piece of software
    there’s a
    two beautiful graphs at the bottom one
    is open versus merge the other one is
    timing review and you can actually see
    like live trends about how fast or how
    slow some days were moving about adding
    pull requests
    but the overall uh like in one of javier
    and danny’s graphs there was a
    number of clothes is actually incredibly
    small which is really nice almost every
    single poor list will get attention uh
    it’s very rare that someone will close
    the pull request without any comments
    which i thought was absolutely excellent
    that community strength that we have
    actually i prefer to use your boss
    instead of reading my embellish when i
    receive a review request and
    yeah because it’s more centralized
    you exactly nailed my motivation for
    adding about uh
    trying to keep up with all of our emails
    we have hundreds and hundreds of pull
    requests every month and trying to keep
    up with all of them it’s a quite
    difficult time but
    hopefully uh it makes all of our lives
    better having bots like this
    i think usually i receive more than 100
    emails every day about it right to
    quantum communities so that issue in the
    makes my life much easier
    cool that’s that’s awesome and that’s a
    great contribution back to the the conan
    community so so thanks chris for
    for being an early adopter of conan and
    supporting the conan community so we
    talked a bit about the pull request
    workflow and like how
    how to automate that and how to
    how to make that easy to use
    i i think are there other um
    any other aspects of conan center which
    are worth highlighting for the for the
    audience that they should be taking
    advantage of either as a library author
    or as a as an end user
    i would almost argue the platform
    support uh one of the things that uh
    many c plus projects
    uh tend to be a little bit weaker on is
    supporting a diversity of platforms
    and in the conan community
    uh like javier’s example with edmondson
    script sdk trying to make web technology
    versus c plus projects
    making sure they’re portable to all
    different platforms is
    something that i’ve really enjoyed
    getting to learn and work on more and
    yeah and you get to do all the hard work
    on the on the back end to make sure all
    those platforms actually build
    and we would love to have more platforms
    but it’s always possible not always easy
    it requires always more and more
    yeah so maybe for for behind the scenes
    on on conan center what is it
    what does it take to to build the same
    library on multiple platforms
    like what what’s the what’s the back end
    process which we’re using
    okay i can do it
    we are right now we are building for
    four different platforms okay we are
    building for windows we are building
    four linux and we are building for macos
    and also for m1 apple and one
    basically for linux we just use docker
    containers we build
    different versions of gcc and different
    version of clan which is why we have so
    many packages
    we also build in windows for visual
    studio 2017 and 2019 and for sure once
    it is released we will
    build binaries for 2022
    and in mac we use
    max servers
    that was
    nice before
    and for mac we will use max servers
    to build natively to the
    regular mac i mean to 64 map and then we
    cross build in that machine to apple and
    so we are not only supporting
    more platform we are also testing that
    recipes work for some
    cross building scenario which i think
    it’s also very valuable for recipes
    sometimes uh we we find some some
    problems with the brush we they don’t
    are not compatible with some platforms
    or compilers
    and not even the author knows about
    it’s covered some bugs let’s say from
    some price when building all these
    cool serious
    even able to help to
    find bugs and projects on different
    platforms where they can’t easily build
    it themselves
    contribute patches upstream with
    modification to the build system so it
    is possible to build for those platforms
    cool that’s awesome
    and um what what sort of what sort of
    recipes have have folks on this panel
    ridden themselves anything cool
    i think uh
    i apologize you can’t scream yulin would
    have some very good uh examples i know
    he’s had some really fun
    pr’s recently
    well i’m proud of
    for this talk i started
    almost two months ago during my holidays
    to be honest okay i shouldn’t do it but
    i did it
    and i just started to write the recipes
    for this magnum library the mac moon
    integration magnum extras magnum plugins
    and everything related to the library
    some patches for stl too and also
    another great great contributor helped
    me with lots of recipes
    he was
    made we are i’m sure that everyone
    know him
    if they have visited the repository so
    we were i mean like working together to
    bring that recipe and all its
    dependencies to connect something and it
    a really great process
    yeah so you’re actually um
    following your bad advice to work
    weekends and holidays
    but that’s that’s when you’re most
    productive because you don’t you don’t
    get interrupted
    um although i think i think we’ve we’ve
    increased the productivity of the um the
    whole developer community today because
    apparently our conan
    1000 recipes event is so popular it took
    down slack slack’s not responding today
    either very well
    i would say slack is the the number one
    um risk to developer productivity you
    get constantly
    interrupted by folks um
    when you’re trying to do stuff
    um for folks who might want to get
    started with
    with code and center what advice can you
    give to a to a new contributor
    i would say read the documentation first
    because all the steps uh there are there
    but they are very welcome to do
    this the
    c cp lengthy is lack
    and also there is a score the
    people are really friendly there so if
    you ask there
    they will have to with their first
    for many times i i see people asking for
    help for the first contribution they are
    and of people helping
    we all know the challenges of building c
    plus plus i i’d recommend starting with
    a header only library that you’re using
    and uh get used to working with writing
    the recipes and once you get your head
    wrapped around the the workflow conan
    it’s very easy to start adding more
    complicated projects that
    are google cloud apis or rust and dates
    get done greatly from
    yeah we have some good examples that we
    separated on the documentation for the
    first contribution
    which are make easier don’t try to use
    receipts as base like for example boost
    or poco they are crazy to understand
    try something very
    simple but also i will say that i mean
    this is not about creating recipes for
    conan center this is about creating
    recipes for kona
    so you don’t
    need to look only to conan center
    documentation you can have a look to all
    the common documentation to the connect
    and several videos that are out there
    where you can learn to write recipes and
    those recipes are the ones we are using
    in column center i mean there is nothing
    different in conan center
    this is
    cool and um i think also something which
    we we talked about and referred to in
    the stream as um
    members of the conan tribe and you’re
    you’re you’re a member of the conan
    tribe chris
    um so besides besides the cool hoodie
    which you apparently have in your
    background what what other reasons did
    you did you decide to join the the conan
    tribe and help out
    as conan has been growing and i’ve been
    using it more i got to adopt it in my
    former job some of my colleagues ended
    up picking up on conan and using it in
    their companies as well and it’s really
    great to see its strengths but there’s
    also a few spots that
    could have been improved and
    one of the things that i absolutely
    loved was the opportunity to be a part
    of the community part of the tribe to
    actually help improve the version too
    and there’s some really key things that
    are going to be coming out like
    immutable recipes which is going to be a
    godsaver for most of us
    having to be able to catch multiple
    religions too is going to be just a
    and i’m sure there’s more features that
    are going to get sneaked in before the
    2.0 release gets dropped so
    being able to contribute back and help
    give our feedback as community members
    is just
    greatly appreciated to the whole cloning
    all right thanks a lot chris for being a
    valued conan user and member of the
    tribe and for joining us for the panel
    um javier julian um thanks for making
    conan a great and conan center a great
    system for the cnc plus plus community
    and i would like to invite back up diego
    so um i gotta say goodbye to all our
    thanks very much
    i appreciate all the answers to
    and thanks for joining our conan 1000
    recipes events
    and welcome back diego
    hey hello
    so um it was awesome to see the all the
    hard work the teams put in
    to see all of the
    the huge milestone of reaching a
    thousand recipes
    and i think one thing which came across
    very strongly was the
    the community spirit so i think you
    you’ve done a great job with conan and
    with the community to build something
    which i think the whole community is
    quite proud of so
    yeah i think there is a common
    denominator here i
    i was also a super fast developer and it
    seems that most of us come come from the
    pain of suffering this and we all of all
    of us we want to to have this fixed and
    this is the spirit we are just basically
    working together it’s not they and us
    and everything is just a team
    trying to improve the situation and
    that’s that’s great
    so um we’re we’re coming to a close for
    a thousand recipes event and we have a
    for our nintendo switch raffle
    um so we’re pleased to announce that
    harold ashitz
    is the winner of the um the nintendo
    switch thanks harold
    for being a
    awesome recipe contributor
    so it’s great to have members of the
    conan community who are building recipes
    and helping to support the growth of
    conan center um we hope you enjoy the
    new nintendo switch harold or or have
    kids who will will enjoy it as whack as
    well don’t don’t get too distracted by
    video games we need more recipes
    we need to get up to two thousand
    but it’s it’s awesome congratulations
    and i think this is a small way which we
    um reward and celebrate the the
    contributions which the community is
    to conan center and make it a
    um a better ecosystem and a better place
    to be able to get the libraries and
    easily develop cnc plus applications
    okay so i will give you the
    last word diego for the conan 1000
    recipes event
    well uh
    then to
    to end this this
    there’s only one word i can say is is
    thank you
    there is nothing better to
    to say that and i’m looking forward for
    another two years or five years of
    working together with this amazing
    because this is what really fulfills me
    this is this is the best job experience
    i’ve ever had and i’m i’m really
    enjoying it so please community keep
    rocking and we will be and we will keep
    rocking with you
    cool all right thanks everybody and
    here’s to 2 000 recipes in the future
    so congratulations on reaching the
    and um thanks for the whole conan
    community for joining us for this
    thank you