Distribute Release Bundles (v1) in an Air Gap Environment

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This feature is supported on the Self-Hosted platform, with an Enterprise+ license.


For information about distributing Release Bundles v2 in an Air Gap Environment, see Distribute Release Bundles (v2) in an Air Gap Environment.Distribute Release Bundles (v2) in an Air Gap Environment

JFrog Distribution supports distributing your Release Bundles to remote Distribution Edge nodes within an Air Gap environment. This use case is mainly intended for organizations such as financial institutions and military installations that have two or more JFrog Artifactory instances that have no network connection between them.

Distributing Release Bundles v1 in an Air Gap environment involves these main steps:

  1. Create and sign a Release Bundle.

  2. Export the Release Bundle as an archive (zip file) from your JFrog Distribution.

  3. Copy the archive to an external device, such as a hard drive or USB flash drive, and transfer to the Air Gap environment (the network where the destination Artifactory is located)

  4. Directly import the archive in the destination Artifactory node.

Importing and exporting your Release Bundles can be performed using one of these methods:

Supported Product Versions

The Air Gap Distribution feature is supported from Distribution 2.5 and requires Artifactory 7.9.