Property Based Testing @ C++ Bay Area Meetup

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May 9, 2023

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Property Based Testing

Standard unit testing paradigms are effective at finding bugs within the programmer’s mental model of correct operation of the code. However, finding non-model bugs is an essential component of writing highly-reliable code. In this talk, we will discuss property-based testing (PBT), a method of unit testing which focuses on specifying a definition of correct operation of the code and demonstrating these definitions hold for arbitrary input data. We will learn the vocabulary of property-based testing to expand our mental space and improve our mental model of unit testing, and examine libraries like googletest, RapidCheck, and hypothesis which expose the abstractions of PBT.

About the Speaker:
Nick Thompson is a modeling and simulation engineer in Apple’s circuit simulation team. He maintains boost.math, where he wrote the quadrature, differentiation, interpolation, and statistical routines.

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