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Binary Management (JFrog Artifactory)
Central management of all packages and dependencies in a single source of truth
Security and Compliance (JFrog Xray)
Leading, automated supply chain security and compliance
CI/CD Pipelines (JFrog Pipelines)
CI/CD automation and workflow optimization
Edge and IoT Devices (JFrog Connect)
Update, control, monitor and secure remote Linux and IoT devices at scale
Advanced Team Management
DevOps environment management at scale with SSO and Projects
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Experience the platform SaaS version at scale with advanced DevSecOps functionality
Universal Binary Lifecycle Management from JFrog Artifactory
30+ Package and File Types Natively Supported, Dependency
Management, Binary Promotion, Container Registry, and more
Holistic Application Security from JFrog Xray
SCA Solution, IaC & Configuration Security, secrets detection, CVE Prioritization, Step-by-Step Mitigation, SBOM Support, and more
Enterprise Scale and Access Control
SAML/OAuth Authentication, CNAME with SSL, IP Filtering, Public CDN, Multi-Region Support, and more
Premium Support
24/7 Support, 99.9%+ uptime
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Essential DevOps tools from Jfrog for individual projects
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Artifactory Binary Repository
30+ Natively Supported Packages, OSS Package Proxying, Dependency Management, Container Registry, Local, Remote, and Virtual Repos
Security Basics
Vulnerability scanning of open source packages and containers based on NVD data from JFrog Xray
DevOps Automation
CI/CD automation and workflow optimization from JFrog Pipelines
Community Support
Limited Usage
  • Up to 5 users
  • 5GB Transfer/month
  • 2GB Storage
  • 2,000 CI/CD Minutes/month
Certified by: ISO 27017 ISO 27701 ISO 27001 ISO SOC-2
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