Hot Takes on CI Tools We Use @ IndyPy Panel

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September 7, 2022

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IndyPy_Hot Takes on CI Tools
IndyPy will host its quarterly hybrid event on Tuesday, Sept. 13. To make sure we have enough space (and pizza/beverages!), please let us know whether you’ll be attending our panel either in-person (at the Indiana IoT Lab) or virtually (via Zoom) by filling out this quick form.

This is a really special event — which means will be giving away really special prizes. All attendees, both in-person and remote, will be eligible to win. See you on the second Tuesday of the month!


7 – 7:15 p.m.: Announcements and Introductions

7:15 – 8:30 p.m.: “Hot Takes on CI Tools We Use” panel discussion. Moderated by Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Six Feet Up CTO and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Community Hero, panelists include:

  • Anthony Shaw, Azure DevOps
    • Anthony Shaw is a Python advocate at Microsoft from Sydney, Australia. Anthony is a contributor to many open-source communities. Running and contributing to a number of popular open-source tools for DevOps, Security, Automation and Code Quality. Anthony has been recognized for his contribution to open-source, including as Fellow of the Python Software Foundation and member of the Apache Software Foundation. Anthony runs a Python blog and YouTube channel and has recently published a book on the Python compiler.
  • John Chiao, JFrog Pipelines
    • John Chiao is a Manager & Strategic Customer Architect at JFrog with more than 10 years of professional experience as a DevOps / DataOps architect. From designing, implementing, and automating mission-critical deployments in cloud services, to leveraging configuration management CI/CD, and DevOps / DataOps processes, John has done it. His industry experience with companies like Chef Software, Macy’s, Transamerica and the US Department of Defense gives John a diverse perspective. John has a master’s degree in data science where he practiced Python development in the Machine Learning space. Python is still his favorite language to use. Outside of work, he is a gamer, Lego fan, and traveler.
  • Lorena Mesa, GitHub Actions
    • Political scientist turned coder, Lorena Mesa is a GitHub data engineer, Director & Chair of the Python Software Foundation, JOSS editor, and PyLadies Chicago co-organizer. Lorena’s time at Obama for America and her subsequent graduate research required her to learn how to transform messy, incomplete data into intelligible analysis on topics like predicting Latinx voter behavior. It’s this unique background in research and applied mathematics that drove Lorena to pursue a career in engineering and data science. One part activist, one part Star Wars fanatic, and another part Trekkie, Lorena abides by the motto to “live long and prosper.”
  • Stephan Rayner, GitLab CI/CD
    • Described by friends as having a welcoming and gregarious nature with an unrelenting curiosity, Stephan is a Senior Backend Engineer with the ModelOps group at GitLab, which focuses on Applied Machine Learning and MLOps. Prior to working at GitLab, he worked in the fields of mobile gaming, disaster management, and OSINT tooling. Stephan believes that he is where he is now because other people shared their knowledge and time. Because of this, he contributes to open source and volunteers to teach high school students robotics. At home, he is always looking forward to snowboard season, trying to make eggs Benedict slightly better, looking for another new experience, or simply rewatching Star Trek.

8:30 – 8:45 p.m.: Door Prizes8:45 – 9 p.m.: Networking and General Discussion

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