Workshop: Binary Management Introduction for JS Developers: A Journey of a Thousand Binaries @ JS Monthly Meetup

February 23, 2023

2 min read

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Binary Management Introduction for JS Developers: “A Journey of a Thousand Binaries” // Ixchel Ruiz

In this workshop, we will explore some important concepts about dependency management. We all use software dependencies as part of our ongoing daily work. Those fundamental parts of our software can be used at different stages of the development lifecycle: development, runtime execution, and testing. Every time we add one new dependency to our project we need to think about the consequences in the long run. The concerns are considerable from security to maturity, to the level of dependency and type of dependency. In this workshop we will introduce several Best Practices for selecting, managing, scanning, and maintaining control of our dependencies in addition to that we will use several tools on the NPM domain to help us with our dependency resolution and management process.

Who should attend?

This workshop is an introduction to DevOps for all levels of developers and systems administrators who would like to get hands-on guidance. Attendees will receive a free cloud version of the JFrog Platform that they can keep after the workshop to continue to grow in their knowledge.


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