Adopting CI/CD Best-practices for an Enterprise

December 20, 2022

< 1 min read

Now that you have a fair understanding of making software liquid with a faster, smoother, and automated CI/CD process, lets now understand how to make your releases get into production faster. With the moving pieces in the CI/CD pipelines that change with the eco-system for every organization, we can have a one-stop shop for faster delivery with tools that can help automate, monitor, and safeguard the release process without much manual intervention.

In this webinar, we will dig deeper into solving problems for you as a developer, your organization, and your users. We will also walk you through the JFrog Platform and give you a practical example of how you can fast-track your releases.

  • Key points of discussion
  • What is the JFrog Distribution?
  • Automating the distribution/release process for different technologies.
  • Making releases secure and efficient.
  • Monitoring the end-to-end infrastructure for reliability


Yuvarajan J

Senior Engineer - Developer Support

Yuvarajan AKA Yuvi is a passionate problem solver in the team. He started his journey as a freelance Graphic Designer. But his passion for Linux, DevOps, Ethical Hacking, and other technologies drove him to TCS and later to JFrog. He finds his voyage full of learning and incredible experiences
Pavan Gonugunta

    Pavan Gonugunta

    Strategic Enterprise Solution Lead

    Pavan works as a Strategic Enterprise Solution Lead at JFrog with more than a decade of industry experience. Pavan has worked on various technologies like JAVA, DevOps, and Linux. He is a passionate developer who believes in living agile - learn, unlearn, and relearn. He loves to travel, watch movies, and plays cricket