The Industry’s Only DevOps-Centric Security Solution
Secure software delivery from code to containers to 
devices, integrated in a unified DevOps platform.

Finally, Security that
really works for DevOps

Control and secure your software supply chain in an integrated DevOps platform with capabilities such as software composition analysis, IaC security, secrets detection, Container contextual analysis and detection of OSS library or services misconfiguration or misuse.

It’s security that finally unifies developers, operations and security teams to safeguard the entire software supply chain.
Xray is being used as a security solution to assist us in finding out which Docker images that are published out to our Artifactory instance are vulnerable, and digging down into all the different layers within those Docker images and finding out exactly what needs to be fixed.

holistic SECURITY infused into

your devops workflow

See What No One Else Sees
Drive cross-team cooperation and trust centered on deep security research that automatically delivers unparalleled visibility into issues, impact, and actionable advice for every stakeholder.
Find, Fix and Fortify
Sharpen developer focus with prioritized, contextual remediation advice that identifies what matters most to ensure you’re protected.
Secure From One Place
Execute with confidence, taking holistic action across code, configurations and binaries throughout your portfolio from a single platform.
Take Intelligent Action
Know where vulnerabilities live, and deploy fixes across your portfolio with integrated binary management and distribution capabilities based on full lifecycle metadata.


Container Contextual Analysis
  • Understand the applicability of CVEs in your application
  • Reduce false positives and vulnerability noise with smart prioritization
  • Binary analysis for more accuracy vs. source code alone
Secure Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Scan IaC files for exploitable configurations putting your applications at risk
  • Secure your IaC configurations with developer friendly remediation
Software Supply Chain Security
  • Detect exposed secrets and stop accidental leaks of tokens or credentials
  • Detect misused or misconfigured OSS libraries and application services
  • Eliminate unwanted or unexpected malicious packages
Accelerated Remediation
  • Prioritized, contextual remediation advice identifying what matters most
  • Leverage enhanced CVE data with developer-friendly step-by-step remediation
Protect Against Malicious Activity
  • Stop security issues that arise post-code generation with binary-based analysis
  • Detect malicious packages and keep them out of your development process
Deep Binary Scanning
  • See into all the layers and dependencies of container images
  • Analysis done at the binary level, the attack surface of the hackers
Software Composition Analysis
  • Detect, prioritize and mitigate OSS security & compliance issues
  • Automatically generate SPDX & CycloneDX SBOMs
  • Reduce operational risk and mitigate packages with issues or technical debt
Automated Governance
  • Automate policies to implement security & compliance legal guidelines
  • Implement authority over security & license violations
  • Set actions and mitigations to match the issue context
Visibility and Impact Analysis
  • Unmatched visibility of your vulnerable binaries and dependencies
  • Determine the true impact of any vulnerability or license issue
  • Ensure remediation success across your software ecosystem


Our dedicated security research team discovers, analyzes, and exposes new vulnerabilities and attack methods. They respond promptly to zero-day discoveries with deep research and rapidly update our vulnerability database with enhanced CVE data and remediation advice.

Their patented, leading-edge security detection technology enables customers of JFrog Xray to be protected from emerging threats and methodologies, in near real-time.
Findings Published
Malicious Packages Discovered
Zero Day Vulnerabilities Disclosed
OSS Security Tools Released

See how JFROG Xray compares

JFrog JFrog
Sonaype Sonaype
Snyk Snyk
Synopsys Synopsys
GitLab GitLab
GitHub GitHub
Enhanced Software Composition Analysis (SCA)
Services Exposures
Secrets Detection
IaC Security
Contextual CVE Analysis
Single Pane of Glass for Artifact Security
Fully Hybrid & Multi-Cloud


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Integrated platform with DevOps-centric security including SCA, contextual CVE analysis, 
IaC security, secrets detection and more, with remediation advice backed by deep security research.

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