Remove Silos and Speed up Security Responses with Microsoft Teams and JFrog

The criticality of quickly releasing software updates while keeping your applications safe has increased the need for new observability and collaborative incident response tools. How do you notify your development teams when something changes in your artifactory environment or when vulnerability or license compliance issues arise? JFrog and Microsoft Teams recently completed an integration that addresses just that.

Join us on June 29th as we demonstrate how to improve traceability with JFrog Artifactory and Xray notifications within Microsoft Teams. In the webinar, you’ll see how you can be informed when someone pushes a change to a repository, triggers build promotion, or adds a new Docker image. If you have an app running in production, you’ll see as this integration sends a message to a Microsoft Teams channel and how team members collaborate to fix the issue together much faster than when communication happens in silos.

With bi-directional communication through Microsoft Teams. We are confident you’ll walk away knowing:

How Microsoft Teams helps organizations of all sizes improve software development and delivery
How JFrog Artifactory and Xray modernize the toolchain for secure app development
How to manage security incidents in open source packages and new tools for your teams can work together to respond to incidents in real-time

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