JFrog & Splunk – Observability for your IT Value Stream

As software is the product in many of today’s businesses, the need to manage the value stream from development to production is critical to ensure consistency of information, compliance and supply chain collaboration.In order to consistently deliver high velocity and quality of applications, engineering teams require visibility into how code is moving from dev to prod in a stable and efficient manner. Just as Observability is changing the way teams managing their applications in production, the concepts of observability apply to the entire software value stream.

Join JFrog’s Stephen Chin and Splunk’s Chris Riley as they explore the importance of building resilience into your IT value stream, how to create traceability for the movement of code, and how to ensure high quality with the artifacts you deploy. In this webinar we will talk about how companies are being deliberate in increasing the scale and velocity of delivering releases, and show a demo leveraging JFrog and Splunk for your end to end solution.

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