[Hands-on Lab] Manage Software Releases with JFrog Distribution

Whether you are delivering web services using Kubernetes or updating the latest firmware to an IoT device, the ability to deliver the latest features of your software solution in shortened development cycles is becoming more prevalent. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to easily increase your release velocity while ensuring security and reliability using JFrog Distribution. Learn how JFrog Distribution can help overcome limited bandwidth networks and network lag, allowing you to accomplish updates with speed and reliability.

Hands-on Agenda: 

  • Learn how to create a release bundle, sign it, scan it, and have it be blocked from Distribution because of vulnerability or license compliance violations.
  • See how to execute the same use case with JFrog Pipelines via the use of a pipeline to build a Release Bundle containing a Helm chart and Docker container simulating a Web Services deployment
  • The using JFrog Pipelines to distribute the Release Bundle to a JFrog Artifactory Edge for deployment
  • We also show how to use JFrog Artifactory Edge nodes as Edge level cache with Smart Repositories
  • We will be using both a Self Hosted JFrog Enterprise Plus Platform and JFog Enterprise Plus SaaS Hybrid

Release Fast Or Die