Developers Driving DevOps at Scale: 5 Keys to Success

A Webinar Featuring Forrester Research

As DevOps adoption matures in organizations, DevOps teams are leading the charge for enabling enterprises to scale their DevOps efforts to support increasingly complex application delivery requirements.

Tooling and processes that might have worked for more simple use cases often fail when applied across large-scale software delivery — needing to support ALL teams, GEOs, point-tools, applications, processes, regulatory requirements, environments, and more.

  • How do you improve developer productivity and release velocity, without sacrificing governance, security, and org efficiency?
  • How do you streamline your processes and organizational alignment, without sacrificing flexibility and freedom of choice?
  • How do you support thousands of developers, applications and pipelines – both legacy and cloud-native – without getting buried in plugins/tools/spaghetti-scripts hell?

Guest speaker Charles Betz, lead DevOps analyst at Forrester Research, and Loreli Cadapan, Sr. Director Product Management at JFrog,  share architectural patterns, best practices and proven tips for scaling DevOps in the enterprise.





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