Aligning to the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Reference Design

As a government agency, you must release software reliably, confidently and on schedule to continually empower public servants and better serve citizens with modern apps and digital services. Simultaneously, you need to ensure your software is secure and compliant to prevent cyber attacks. To accomplish these goals, you need DevSecOps — the orchestration and automation of development, security and operations processes across your software pipeline.
In this webinar, we’ll review the latest JFrog Platform updates that align to the U.S. Department of Defense’s DevSecOps Reference Design, and enable faster, more reliable software and application releases, and shorter development cycles:

  • Iron Bank Certification
  • Support for remote and virtual repos; improving build stability
  • Ability to operate in an air-gap environment
  • Replication, including federated repos and checksum based
  • Universality and centralized solution for all artifacts
  • Attestation of pipeline and build process integrity across the software supply chain
  • Artifact promotion capabilities
  • Support for extensive logs and integrations with many of the leading observability tools
  • High availability; no single-point-of-failure, supporting SLOs that require zero downtime
  • Support for cold storage and clean up policies

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