Trust Your Code with JFrog SAST

Tired of slogging through last minute security snags in your code? Tired of rolling back releases or pushing out critical updates that scare your customers? Start trusting your code with JFrog SAST. Detect zero-day vulnerabilities (with minimal false positives) in your source code and get the code right from the very start.

We explore this new feature in JFrog’s advanced software supply chain security suite. We’ll cover how JFrog SAST helps everyone in your development team:

  • Developers: a more natural coding experience with IDE integrations, CLI Tools, and Frogbot Git repository scanner
  • Admins: Centralized view of all SAST deployments across teams
  • DevSecOps: Transcend the limitations of other SAST tools including false positives, shallow heuristic analysis, or risking exporting code to the cloud for analysis

Join us as we demonstrate how you can seamlessly develop code you can trust from the very start!