She Promoted her Helm Chart… You Won’t Believe What Happened Next! – Simon Walton, Anaplan

Anaplan has employed Artifactory to great effect to support JFrog’s brand new CI/CD pipeline. The pipeline enables promotion of Helm-based microservices through a series of ‘levels of trust’ until they are deemed production ready. Integral to this pipeline was the internal development of an Artifactory promotion plugin that allows the Anaplan team to atomically promote all Docker images associated with a Helm chart when promoting just the chart, also providing them with vital gating to prevent unsuitable commits from being promoted. In this talk, Simon Walton presents an overview of Anaplan’s CI/CD pipeline, including the motivations for the development of the Artifactory plugin that supports it. Simon also dives into the complex integration test suite that gives the Anaplan team confidence in the correctness of the promotion mechanisms, and provides observations and guidance on best practices — all based on the Anaplan team’s experiences with the internal development of the Artifactory plugin. Artifactory plugin development can be fun!

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