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As your mission-critical tools for DevOps, the results of many key events that occur in Artifactory and Xray reveal whether or not your software pipeline is on-track to deliver production-quality releases. 

The JFrog app for Slack brings real-time visibility and awareness of what’s happening in your JFrog-powered software pipelines to your entire team through one of the most widely used collaboration tools. 

Many software development teams rely on the Slack communication platform to collaborate and promote event visibility across the organization through public and private group channels, as well as direct messaging.

JFrog Artifactory is the universal artifact repository manager powering the JFrog Platform’s binaries-driven formula for DevOps success. JFrog Xray is the universal software composition analysis (SCA) solution that enables DevSecOps teams to proactively identify open source vulnerabilities and license compliance violations before they manifest in production, and swiftly remediate across the entire application inventory.

With the JFrog app for Slack, teams can better collaborate on delivering quality releases, responding in real-time to DevOps events as they occur.

JFrog App for Slack Security Violation Alert

Benefits of Integration

Enables enterprises to accomplish the following through Slack:

  • Notify teams of key Artifactory events
  • Notify teams of Docker registry changes
  • Provide real-time visibility of DevOps build  events
  • Alert teams of license policy violations
  • Alert security teams of critical software vulnerabilities 

Integration Features

The JFrog app for Slack delivers notifications and actionable UI cards to one or more Slack channels for Artifactory repository actions you wish to make visible, such as artifact, artifact properties, Docker tag, or build events. Notifications can be paused, deleted, or invoke the JFrog Platform for more details from within the Slack channel.

JFrog App for Slack Docker Push Alert

The app can send vulnerability and license compliance notifications to one or more Slack channels based on policies setup in JFrog Xray. The interactive notification enables recipients to take action, creating ignore rules, displaying details or invoking the JFrog Platform.

JFrog App for Slack Vulneratbility and License Compliance Report

Use Cases

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  • Production Engineering – Receive notification when important packages or builds are uploaded or promoted to specific repositories.
  • SRE/IT Admin Oversight – Configuring Xray policy settings can ensure robust, continuous scanning of all production releases. Notifications sent through Slack enable rapid response to all relevant security vulnerabilities that are discovered.
  • Quality Assurance – QA teams can configure Xray policies and watches to monitor targeted artifact repositories used for test and staging environments, and report security violations through Slack for prompt resolution.
  • Shift Left Security – Developers and Dev managers configure Xray policies and watches to continuously scan targeted artifact repositories used for milestone dev builds. Notifications sent through Slack alert the development team of security vulnerabilities and enable resolution at the earliest point in the development lifecycle.


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Note: The Slack application for JFrog requires that your org have a Cloud JFrog account on Artifactory 7.27 or above.

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