Software Supply Chain Security and Compliance
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Deliver trusted software, reduce risk and fortify your brand with strong protection from a broad range of security threats across the software supply chain.

Innovate with speed and scale while safeguarding your software and your customers. Make automated software supply chain security a natural part of your SDLC workflows and minimize the effort required to identify, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities.

Simplify compliance with security regulations, standards, and internal policies by consistently implementing software security controls and best practices.
Secure DevOps policies that span the software supply chain and secure the software pipeline from planning, sourcing, and development to build and deployment are now more critical than ever.
IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Developer and DevOps 2022 Predictions, October, 2021, Doc #US47148521

Intelligent, automated security From development to devices

Fortify Security Across Your SDLC
  • Deploy a complete solution for supply chain cyber security and DevSecOps
  • Spans software curation - continuous testing - validation - secure release & distribution and ongoing monitoring
Infuse Security into DevOps
  • Build security seamlessly into your developers’ workflows and CI/CD pipelines
  • Require minimum effort by leveraging intelligent policies, issue prioritization, and remediation guidance
Streamline Compliance Assurance
  • Meet increasingly stringent compliance requirements.
  • Automate compliance workloads
  • Define granular security policies and apply them with consistency

CHALLENGES WITH A holistic approach


Foster rapid collaboration across your development and security teams and leverage technology to achieve these goals efficiently and at scale.

Control risk and navigate an ever-evolving security threat and regulatory landscape.

Whether you are a developer, security expert, DevOps practitioner, compliance manager, or security operations professional, JFrog’s automated security and compliance solution can help.

Security and software composition analysis
Control Your Software Supply Chain Risk
  • Identify all dependencies in your software
  • Automatically generate an SBOM and gain insights on open source license compliance and security vulnerability risks
Automate Security
  • Automate security tasks such as build acceptance and promotion
  • Leverage the JFrog platform APIs and CLI tools to integrate into your CI/CD environment
Comply with Security Regulations and Standards
  • Meet & exceed security requirements for third-party software validation, application security testing, integrity validation, and software vulnerability monitoring
Identify Zero-Days In Your Software
  • Detect unknown vulnerabilities in code that are exploitable through automated analysis
Efficiently Prioritize and Resolve Vulnerabilities
  • Use intelligent contextual prioritization to focus on the issues that matter
  • Leverage developer-friendly resolution guidance to fix issues efficiently
Enforce Security Policies With Consistency
  • Adopt a unified security posture across your SDLC
  • Define granular policies and automatically enforce them across all software artifacts
secure the supply chain with JFrog's security research team


Our experienced team of software security experts is continually uncovering and analyzing new cybersecurity exposures, vulnerabilities, threats and attack methods.

As an authorized CNA, we are proudly taking an active role within the global security community to accelerate threat detection and help keep organizations’ binaries more secure.

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