JFrog Artifactory to Be Released in New Community Edition for Docker & Helm Users

PRESS RELEASE, November 20, 2019

New “JFrog Container Registry” provides a scalable, fully-hybrid container registry solution

San Diego, CA (Nov. 20, 2019) JFrog, creators of Artifactory and the Universal DevOps technology leader known for enabling liquid software via continuous update flows, today announced at KubeCon the launch of JFrog Container Registry – powered by JFrog Artifactory –  as the most comprehensive and advanced Docker container registry available in the market. A fully-hybrid solution, the registry is free and available to developers and DevOps engineers immediately from jfrog.com/container-registry.

JFrog Artifactory is already powering many of the world’s largest Docker workloads, including acting as a registry for global enterprises such as Oracle, Box, IBM Cloud, Atlassian, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and more – all of which have scaled with Artifactory as their container registry.

“DevOps teams working with container technologies need a robust, flexible registry solution for container image management,” said Yoav Landman, CTO of JFrog. “Based off of JFrog Artifactory’s proven Docker management at scale, we believe JFrog Container Registry is the best choice for developers looking for a feature-rich, advanced, enterprise-grade registry both on-premise and in the cloud.”

JFrog Container Registry features:

  • A robust Docker container registry
  • Hybrid model: on-premise or via SaaS multi-cloud
  • Advanced automation through REST, CLI, YAML, and more
  • Full support for Helm
  • Free support for local, virtual and remote repositories, including generics
  • Secure registry technology, powered by JFrog Xray (soon)

The new hybrid container solution provides the registry and management tools for container images that are scalable and reliable, all while ensuring Docker images are protected from security vulnerabilities. It produces the world’s richest metadata through an Artifactory core, providing rich storage capabilities and fully-hybrid capabilities for maximum flexibility.

Modern DevOps teams are required to manage all types of binaries at scale, with most modern microservices-based architectures being developed using Docker containers. In support of this market trend, JFrog Container Registry is a flexible solution that can be used self-hosted or in a SaaS model, both of which are free to use.

“As more organizations gravitate towards containers for delivering their applications, we are seeing increasing demand from DevOps professionals for the capabilities a container registry provides,” said Jim Mercer, Research Director, DevOps at IDC. “As container management continues to mature, we are going to see more innovation in this space to make container technologies easier to adopt, automate and secure.”

Plans for near-future updates to the JFrog Container Registry include free security capabilities and OCI compatibility among other enhancements. The JFrog Container Registry is available immediately for free at jfrog.com/container-registry.

Supporting Quotes

“Container registries are some of the most critical technologies for development teams adopting and implementing Docker and Kubernetes at scale,” said Sheng Liang, CEO of Rancher. “We’re excited to partner with JFrog to rapidly integrate JFrog Container Registry with Rancher technologies, delivering a new default container management standard for both Rancher customers and the broader cloud native market in early 2020.”


“We’re excited and energized to see the growth in the container registry market, and JFrog Container Registry is one of the most popular platforms out there. We’re committed to working with the JFrog Platform team to deliver market-leading solutions that integrate deeply with JFrog Container Registry in early 2020. The combination of Jenkins X and CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution, together with JFrog Container Registry will help drive container management uptake for the DevOps and cloud native communities.”


“With the enterprise adoption of Kubernetes and containers continuously speeding up, our customers are looking for an easy way to adopt complementary cloud native solutions. Our Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform empowers DevOps teams to effortlessly leverage best in class ecosystem tooling. We are excited that JFrog now offers them a free and robust container registry, further evolving the cloud native ecosystem. In early 2020, I am looking forward to strengthening our cooperation and deep integrations between JFrog Container Registry and Kubermatic to deliver robust solutions to our customers.”

  • Sebastian Scheele, co-founder and CEO, Loodse


“We’re very excited about the JFrog Container Registry release as a valuable, needed resource in the container marketplace. As we move into early 2020, we’re committed to bringing SUSE application delivery customers joint offerings alongside JFrog that have potential to help customers in their digital transformation efforts.”

  • Roger Klorese, Senior Product Manager, SUSE


About JFrog

JFrog is on a mission to enable continuous updates through liquid software, empowering developers to code high-quality applications that securely flow to end-users with zero downtime. JFrog is the creator of Artifactory, the heart of the end-to-end Universal DevOps platform for automating, managing, securing, distributing, and monitoring all types of technologies. JFrog products are available as open-source, on-premise, and on the cloud on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. As the leading universal, highly available enterprise DevOps solution, the JFrog platform empowers customers with trusted and expedited software releases from code-to-production. Trusted by more than 6,000 customers, the world’s top brands such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Uber, VMware, and Spotify depend on JFrog to manage their binaries for their mission-critical applications. JFrog is privately held with offices across North America, Europe, and Asia. Learn more at jfrog.com.