Enabling Container Security

We’re security and DevOps geeks passionate about cyber security innovation.  Each and every member of the Twistlock team is focused on providing security that not only prevents the attacks of tomorrow – but secures applications better than ever before possible.

Twistlock & JFrog Artifactory

Twistlock provides defensive protection by scanning your Docker images and tags them with metadata that Artifactory can use to swiftly notify developers of problems that need to be fixed. Through the Twistlock Container Security Console, administrators can configure the security environment for containers, choose settings to enforce, detect vulnerabilities and prevent attacks.

Automate Container Promotion

Never wait for a release manager’s approval; Twistlock integrates with Artifactory to provide a fully automated Docker promotion pipeline for maintaining your Docker registries.

Share and Analyze Results

The Twistlock Container Security Console provides a convenient way to view and explore information about items in the Artifactory registry, and a layer-by-layer breakdown of the specific vulnerabilities an image contains. Developers and administrators can work together to resolve problems in a build.

Safety for Scaling

Twistlock’s rule-based access control policy system helps container environments safely scale across hundreds of servers.

Container DevSecOps

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