Continuously Find & Fix

Snyk was founded in 2015 with the mission to make open source packages more secure by finding and fixing known vulnerabilities. Snyk builds security tools used and loved by the modern developer.

Trust your Software Release

Snyk Vulnerability DB is integrated into JFrog Xray, making vulnerabilities in open source package dependencies available to all JFrog Xray users without setup or installation.


Vulnerability Exposure

Developers can easily view information on each vulnerability, get one-click vulnerability remediation, and prevent future vulnerabilities throughout their development process, resulting in faster release cycles.  Understand vulnerabilities before they become an issue.

Find & Fix

With Snyk and JFrog Xray, developers can find, fix, and prevent security vulnerabilities in their code.  Developers can repeatedly fix, and not just find vulnerabilities.

 Notification & Remediation

Snyk’s open source package vulnerability database is one of the most comprehensive in the industry providing continuous updates to JFrog Xray of vulnerabilities that exists in the code base.  Developers have real-time visibility and notification of newly disclosed issues.

Safe Open Source

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