Eliminate Release Anxiety

Release on business demand and increase IT efficiency with pipeline automation, detailed release metrics, and centralized control over DevOps environments, processes and tools with ElectricFlow and Artifactory.

Seamless Integration

The ElectricFlow DevOps platform integrates with Artifactory’s universal artifact repository manager to seamlessly retrieve relevant artifacts and their dependencies as part of the deployment process. The system provides flexibility for users to specify a particular version in Artifactory, configure the deployment to always pick up the latest version, or even dynamically determine which versions to deploy at runtime.

Integration Highlights

Accelerate Time to Market with Higher Confidence

The ElectricFlow DevOps platform automates deployments to accelerate time to market, reduce delivery costs, and increase quality, reliability and traceability. Its tight integration with Artifactory’s universal artifact repository with end-to-end automation and management of artifacts together provides a reliable and repeatable process across all development environments to ensure teams can deploy to production with higher confidence.


ElectricFlow records and stores the versions of each artifact deployed to an environment in its Environment Inventory, so users can easily track and audit what is deployed where and when.

Consistency Across All Environments

ElectricFlow automatically captures a version of the entire application in a Snapshot. This includes individual artifact versions pulled from Artifactory. Using a Snapshot in deployments guarantees consistency across environments – ensuring the same components and configuration in the lower environment as well as in production.

Accelerate Time to Market

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