Build Fast, Deploy Faster

The mission of CodeFresh is to automate and simplify everything from code to customer.

CodeFresh & JFrog Artifactory

The Codefresh platform provides a fully automated, continuous deployment workflow from code through automated testing for integration, performance and security, to Kubernetes container orchestration. Push images to either Artifactory or Bintray as the Docker registry, gaining all the added artifact management benefits of those tools.

Automation Enables Faster Releases

Speed builds in most language environments by locally caching remote repositories from a variety of package managers. Artifactory stores exhaustive build information to help diagnose and fix errors faster, and to faithfully reproduce a build at any time.

Power the DevOps Pipeline

Artifactory helps teams work together by revealing the relationships and dependencies between artifacts in the repository through an easy to use dashboard. Configurable rules for automating the promotion of builds help ensure a clean handoff from development to operations.

Safety First

Integrated tools can scan for security vulnerabilities, conformance lapses, and more to prevent an unsafe build from deploying into a production environment. Version control helps ensure a reliable build is always available for deployment or rollback.

Build Fast with Go Modules

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