Continuous Automation

Chef provides a continuous automation platform designed to expedite the DevOps workflow by automating and managing the infrastructure, run-time environments and applications. The Chef community is tens of thousands strong, supporting the most enduring and transformative companies to become fast, efficient, and innovative software-driven organizations.

Automation Requires a Universal Repository

Store and manage your Chef cookbooks alongside your other artifacts in JFrog Artifactory. The entire lifecycle of your infrastructure will be properly controlled, auditable, and more importantly, not dependent upon Internet reliability.


Cookbooks Support

Chef and Artifactory provide an effective way to expedite software releases by automating your infrastructure.  Support of Chef Cookbooks with advanced artifact management.

Greater Visibility

Maintain a single view over all cookbooks, public and private, within an organization, by using Artifactory’s built-in Virtual Repositories.  JFrog Artifactory with Chef provides ease of use and visibility for your DevOps teams.

Controlled Access

The integration of Chef and Artifactory provides robust fine-grained access control to define who can read and write certain cookbooks, with enhanced management through a directory system like LDAP or Active Directory.  Automation of your infrastructure can improve compliance at all stages of development.

Automation with Artifactory & chef

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