Aqua Security enables enterprises to secure their virtual container environments from development to production, accelerating container adoption and bridging the gap between DevOps and IT security. Aqua’s Container Security Platform provides full visibility into container activity, allowing organizations to detect and prevent suspicious activity and attacks in real time.

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JFrog Xray provides organizations with a clear insight of the data-center’s components, ensuring their version, licenses and security are all checked and running up to date. Aqua Security provides end-to-end security for Docker container development and deployment. Together they enable organizations to fully automate security of their container development pipeline.


Release Faster

Scan Docker images stored in JFrog Artifactory or other registries for known vulnerabilities, including language-specific vulnerabilities.

> Release faster with quality assurance.

Develop Collaboratively

The integration with Aqua allows Xray to look inside container images in packages and binaries.

> Expand the knowledge of your team to include JFrog Xray capabilities.

Protect your Business

Aqua easily integrates with JFrog Xray by adding your Aqua account token to your Xray configuration amd will automatically scan Docker images stored in your pipeline.

> Secure your images with provided vulnerability information.

Keeping Containers Safe

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JFrog Xray: Trust your Releases

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