Why the Layout of Conan Artifacts Is Different in Artifactory’s UI

Adi Vizgan
2020-11-16 08:10

Relevant Versions: This information pertains to Artifactory versions up until 6.9.

Beginning with Artifactory version 5.6, the Conan layout in the UI changed. Prior to this, it was the same as the one in the conanfile: module/baseRev/user/channel:

User-added image

However, after deploying to Artifactory repositories in versions above version 5.6, we can see that the layout was changed to user/module/baseRev/channel (see screenshot below):

User-added image

This change in layout only affects the UI and does not change the layout of the Conan package itself. All deployments and resolutions of Conan artifacts should continue using the regular Conan layout (module/baseRev/user/channel).