Why is the build number in maven-metadata.xml not incrementing correctly when publishing to Artifactory?

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:37


Build number is not incrementing, or the maven-metadata.xml is wrong and pointing to a .jar file that does not exist.



From the build log, you may see that some of the files were deployed with slashes in the groupId path and dots in the groupId path. 


For example,


Red – groupId with dots

Green – groupId with slashes


26-Jan-2015 23:24:26 Deploying artifact: http://repo.spring.io/libs-snapshot-local/org.springframework.restdocs/spring-restdocs-core/0.1.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT/spring-restdocs-core-0.1.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar

26-Jan-2015 23:24:28 Deploying artifact: http://repo.spring.io/libs-snapshot-local/org/springframework/restdocs/spring-restdocs-core/0.1.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT/spring-restdocs-core-0.1.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT.pom

26-Jan-2015 23:24:29 Deploying artifact: http://repo.spring.io/libs-snapshot-local/org.springframework.restdocs/spring-restdocs-core/0.1.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT/spring-restdocs-core-0.1.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar

26-Jan-2015 23:24:29 Deploying artifact: http://repo.spring.io/libs-snapshot-local/org.springframework.restdocs/spring-restdocs-core/0.1.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT/spring-restdocs-core-0.1.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT-javadoc.jar



The cause for this can be that the 'Use Maven 2 Compatible Patterns checkbox' was unchecked on the specific build. Please check to see if this checkbox is enabled for the build. If it is not, please enable it and try to run a few builds, using a new temporary location and see if that fixes the problem.