Why I am not able to install the new license Artifactory I have recieved?

JFrog Support
2017-02-06 13:24

As we have recently released a new JFrog Product – X-Ray, our Licensing model as been changed. New issued licenses are now integrating X-Ray licensing within the Artifactory license key.


You might have received a newly formatted trial license, and you are running with version minor than 4.9.0. Please consider upgrading to our latest version to enjoy the latest Artifactory features and from integration with X-Ray. 


You can upgrade to a more recent version by following our Upgrade instructions on our Wiki and if you need any assistance with upgrading – please contact JFrog Support using our Support Portal or reaching out to support@jfrog.com.


If you are interested in continuing to use your current version, and a license renewal is needed, you can reach out to our Service Department by emailing service@jfrog.com or contacting your Customer Success Specialist – they will able to assist with acquiring the previous type formatted license.