Why does my Xray is not indexing my artifacts? How to troubleshoot such incident?

How to analyze and understand Xray indexing process?

This article will help you troubleshoot and understand the index process.

We highly recommend to start this troubleshooting via the Admin tab on Xray UI and navigate to the “System monitoring” and “System messages” sections.

These sections may give you a useful indication if something went wrong with the overall Xray services, which requests failed, if it’s a disk space issue, etc..
You can also check if all the services are up and running using the xray.sh script by adding the ‘status all’ or ‘ps’ flags (depends on the installation type you are running).
For example:
$ xray.sh status all
$ xray.sh ps


If you observe an issue with the services, you can start check the Xray server.log to see what caused the issue. If Xray itself is in a healthy state, hence, the services are up and running, you may need to deep dive into why the indexing is not working properly. At this point, you can start checking the RabbitMQ queues, for more details on how to connect to the RabbitMQ, please follow this section.
When you are connected, it will allow you to understand if you have a bottleneck in one of the services or if you have any operation failure messages.
According to the queue details, you will be able to narrow down the search to the relevant log and will have better understanding in which part of the process Xray failed.
If the above does not help, you may contact support@jfrog.com for further assistance.