Why does it take a long time for Artifactory to boot up after upgrade?

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:38

You should only see the slow boot-up the first time after upgrading your Artifactory, as the database makes synchronizations with new Artifactory components. 

If you are seeing the slow bootup everytime, we suspect that the upgrade may had not get updated. Please send support an inquiry with the following information:

– Are you using Artifactory HA mode? If so, how many nodes are used? 

– Content of data/artifactory.properties (in HA mode, we need it for each node)

– Output of "select * from db_properties;" and "select * from artifactory_servers" 

– If using HA mode, ha-data/artifactory.properties

– If using HA mode, data/artifactory.properties for all nodes