Why does Artifactory 4.0 hang on startup and the URL to Artifactory returns 404

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:38

Artifactory 4.0 does not support Java versions prior to Java 8 and upon startup, Artifactory will check the Java version. This version information is derived either from the JAVA_HOME variable which is configured on the machine that runs Artifactory or ,if manually configured, from the artifactory.bat or artifactory.default files (depending on the OS). Also, the bundled Tomcat that Artifactory uses since Artifactory version 4.0 requires the use of Java 8. 

If Artifactory cannot start and hangs when performing the following procedure:

AM org.apache.coyote.AbstractProtocol start

INFO: Starting ProtocolHandler ["http-nio-8092"]

AM org.apache.coyote.AbstractProtocol start

INFO: Starting ProtocolHandler ["ajp-nio-8025"]

And when you try to access Artifactory’s URL (for example: localhost:8081/artifactory) you encounter a 404 error from Tomcat, then this can indicate that the Java version that Artifactory and Tomcat are using is prior to Java 8. 

This can be confirmed by looking in the $TOMCAT_HOME/logs/localhost-{today_timestamp}.log file (usually located in $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/tomcat/logs). In this log you will see the following error: “Unsupported major.minor version”. This error means that the Java version is prior to Java 8. 

In order to resolve this issue, please shut-down Artifactory, upgrade Java to version 8, preferably JDK 8 update 45, and then start Artifactory again. 

Here you can find the System Requirements for using Artifactory.