Why do I see ‘Indexing archive’ messages in the logs after a migration?

Shai Ben-Zvi
2021-08-31 06:29


Why do I see 'Indexing archive' messages in the logs after a migration?


In cases we migrate our Artifactory we can see in the logs the below INFO messages after the migration:After performing the migration:
[INFO ] (o.a.s.a.ArchiveIndexerImpl:146) – Indexing archive: libs-release-local:org/jfrog/examples/1.0.0/examples-1.0.0.jar
[INFO ] (o.a.s.a.ArchiveIndexerImpl:146) – Indexing archive: libs-release-local:org/jfrog/another-test-example/1.0.1/examples-1.0.0.zip

This is happening since the archive indexing process is being triggered. This operation can take a while to finish.

When a new archive file is deployed to Artifactory, its content is indexed and the “indexed_archives_entries" table is updated.
These archive files can be jar, war, zip, or others archive types, as defined in the ${ARTIFACTORY_HOME}/etc/mimetypes.xml file.
This archives Index, saves the indices of configured mimetypes to allow their content to be searchable through Archive Search.
The above means that until the process is finished, searching for files inside archives will be affected but the resolution and deployment of the archive themselves should not be impacted.