Why do I get “No valid installed license found. Blocking conversion” error while starting Artifactory?

Vignesh S
2020-06-24 11:46

What are the possibilities to encounter this error?

We may encounter this issue during one of the possible scenario's.

  • The license file under $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/ directory is modified/deleted
  • While trying to upgrade the Artifactory with an expired license keys
  • When performing a DR backup/restore process and the license file may get missed to be attached during the restore process.



[localhost-startStop-2] WARN org.artifactory.addon.ConverterBlockerImpl - No valid installed license found. Blocking conversion
[localhost-startStop-2] ERROR org.artifactory.converter.ConvertersManagerImpl - Conversion failed. You should analyze the error and retry launching Artifactory. Error is: Converter can't run since no matching license found, please add new license

The above error indicates that the license file (artifactory.lic) is not available or empty in the $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/ directory. In case of HA cluster, the license file would be artifactory.cluster.license

How to resolve this problem?

To overcome this issue, we may have to perform the below-mentioned steps

Step 1: Navigate to $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/ directory and create an empty file named artifactory.lic (for standalone instance) or artifactory.cluster.license (for HA cluster) if not available
Step 2: Place the license keys manually in the same format in artifactory.lic file
Step 3: Make sure the license file is owned by artifactory$ sudo chown artifactory:artifactory artifactory.lic$ sudo chown artifactory:artifactory $ARTIFACTORY_HOME%/var/data/artifactory/
Step 4: Restart the Artifactory