Why do I get a “401 Unauthorized” response from my Artifactory online server?

JFrog Support
2016-10-06 13:38

There are 3 main reasons that you would receive a "401 Unauthorized" response when interacting with Artifactory Online:

1. If the username or password is incorrect.

2. If the password encryption policy is set to "required", but the user uses a non-encrypted password

  • This policy can be configured at Artifactory -> 'Admin' tab -> 'Security' -> General -> 'Password Encryption Policy'.

3. If you do not have appropriate permissions 

  • For example, this would occur if the initial Dashboard Artifactory user does not have permissions to run REST-API and build requests. You should create a regular Artifactory admin user in order to use the REST-API and/or handle build requests. Please visit Managing Passwords for more details.