Why Can’t I add a new Enterprise Plus bucket license?

Yonatan Brand
2019-04-07 09:43

Firstly, it is important to know that there are two approaches to install E+ bucket licenses: 

  1. Online – Using Signed URL and Key 
  2. Offline – In case you are using a Mission-Control instance that does not have an internet connection, you can add a new license bucket by uploading the bucket's file and by providing the Key. 

Once you have received an email with the link to a bucket license page, you will see the Signed URL and Key and in addition, you will have the option to download the bucket licenses file in case you choose the offline approach. 

In case you encounter issues with both above approaches, we recommend checking the system requirements wiki-page for Mission-Control and specially the Java version your host is using. We experienced cases in which older Java versions could not decrypt the bucket license.