Why am I running into ‘Needs delete/override’ permissions error?

Disha Meswania
2018-09-04 15:05


In use cases where users who do not have delete/overwrite permissions, e.g. users who have only permissions up to deploy/cache (which is not sufficient) are trying to perform certain operations, e.g. promoting/moving artifacts using REST API, they may run into a permissions error such as:

           User doesn't have permissions to override '<Repo-name>/<folder>/'. Needs delete permissions.


If you are facing an error as mentioned before, it is due to lack of delete/overwrite permissions. In such a scenario, ‘move’ operation is not supported as that means you are deleting the artifact from one location and deploying it to another.  However, you can still use the ‘copy’ operation as this requires only deploy/cache permission.

For e.g. while promoting, a possible solution would be to use the copy option instead since it requires a different permission i.e when using promotion REST API, and specify the optional parameter ‘copy’ as ‘true’ in the json input.