Where is build info JSON stored in Artifactory 6.6 and above.

David Xu
2019-07-08 17:26


How to find and modify build info JSON at scale


Artifactory introduced the build info repository in version 6.6 and above.

In certain cases such as security and compliance audits, it may be necessary to scrub old build info JSON of sensitive information.

Prior to 6.6, the JSONs were store as BLOBs in the database and could be modified via BUILD_JSON table.


Build JSONs are now an artifact. Here is how to find the new JSONs:

1. Connect to the database

2. Go to the NODES table

3. Find the associated build info and the checksum

4. Look for the checksum in the filestore

4. Cat <sha1sum> in this case will show the JSON contents

5. Modifying the contents of this file will be reflected in the UI:

Note: You will still need to modify build_props entries to get scrub items in the environment variables