Where did the name “JFrog” come from?

Aaron Rhodes
2018-11-28 22:48

There are two versions of the story behind our name, and we’re happy to share.

The first is that we are named after an old French fairy tale called “Gardien de Grenouille” about a little orphan boy named Jey who collected frogs and became famous for his wonderful sanctuary of frogs. People would journey from all over the world to see his collection and wonder at how he named them and cared for them. The greatest joy in his life was for frogs… and so we are called JFrog, named by one of our founders, Fred Simon who is from France.

The other story is that J is for Java, which is the repository type we started with, and frogs are fun. They thought the name was unique and catchy so they ran with it, not really knowing how successful the company would end up being.

We will let you choose which story you would like to believe in… 😉