When Using Artifactory’s REST API, Is There a Size Limit on File Uploads?

Amith Kumar Mutakari
2021-03-29 08:26

Artifactory's REST API does not limit the size of artifact uploads. However, be aware that for on-prem installations, a reverse proxy or load balancer limit might apply. Accordingly, if you’d like to upload large-sized artifacts, be sure to increase the connection timeout for any network elements that may participate in this process. Should you need further assistance, contact JFrog Support.

Uploading large files shouldn’t cause any direct Artifactory performance issues. However, as with any data movement, there will be some impact on your network's bandwidth. With this said, high concurrency or rapid and heavy operations (e.g., metadata calculations) could cause some additional latencies to occur.

If you’re using Artifactory as a SaaS service in the cloud, by default your file upload max size is 25GB. Should you need to increase this, please contact JFrog Support.