What to Do When You Can’t See or Download NuGet Packages

Yehuda Hadad
2021-05-18 06:24

In Artifactory, when you're using NuGet repositories with global anonymous access enabled, you have two ways to interact with the repositories:

1. Anonymous user have read permission
In this case, you don't need to configure anything on the client side, since the anonymous user have read permissions and, by default, Artifactory allows anonymous access to NuGet repositories (i.e., any user can download any artifact from the repository).

2. Anonymous user does not have read permission
In this case, you'll need to configure Artifactory so it will challenge the NuGet client and ask to provide a given user's credentials. This will require you to enable the Force Authentication option in the repository configuration, by enabling the "Force Authentication" option Artifactory will first response with 401 response and let the client know that it waiting for the credentials:

User-added image

Note: After doing this, should you find that the client is asking for credentials with every NuGet command issued, you can resolve this issue by adding user credentials to the NuGet client configuration file via the following command:#nuget sources update -Name <source name> -UserName <user name> -Password <password>For example:#nuget sources update -Name Artifactory -UserName admin -Password password